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Knowing which slots odds offer the best chance of winning is key when spinning the wheels, as some slot machines award better odds than others from the hundreds online.

Slot games are the most common type of game to encounter at fast payout casinos, so let’s take a deep look at slots odds including the difference between RTP and house edge, how to calculate the probability of you winning, and look at some of the highest RTP slots available.

What Are Slots?

Slots is a term that refers to online slot machines that are found at casino sites such as instant bank transfer casinos or Skrill instant withdrawal casinos. They are online simulations of physical slot machines powered by random number generators to ensure fairness and randomness.

Playing slots involves choosing a stake from the options available in the slot game and pressing spin. Players usually receive a return on their stake from matching three or more of the same symbol along a payline. However, there are also popular slots that don’t use paylines, but the principle of matching symbols to win a multiplication of your stake still applies.

slots odds slot machine reels matching symbols

Online slot games usually make up the majority of an instant withdrawal casino’s games library. This is partly due to their popularity but also because they are great canvas for customisation. There is only so much you can do with casino blackjack but slot games can include lots of different features and exist in endless different themes.

Placing a stake and simply waiting for the results of a spin also make them great for mobile play. You can access thousands of slot games at online cash app casinos. The engaging presentation of slot games looks great on smartphones and tablets.

Slot Machine Odds Explained

The results of a spin when playing a slot game are determined by a random number generator. These complex algorithms ensure that every spin is completely random and, therefore, totally fair. However, certain aspects are fixed, which ultimately influence your chance of winning. For example, there will only be a certain number of instances of one symbol on each reel.

Key information on the odds of slot games lies in the RTP, paytable, and volatility of a slot. The overall maths model is calculated as an average across millions of spins. However, slots players may have a different experience because these are just an average.

Developers will work out a win payout percentage from millions of example spins. Based on the results, they can make adjustments to the symbols on the reels and/or change the payouts.

Bonus features can also have an effect on the odds of a slot game because you can enjoy free spins and bonus wheels that can offer fast casino payouts outside of the base game.

Casino Slots House Edge

The house edge is that little bit missing to make up the 100%. If you expect to get back 96% of what you put in, then the house edge is 4%. This is how an anonymous casino ensures they can profit from online slot games.

Probabilities in Slot Games

Reels in slot games are already constructed in the coding of the slot game. Certain numbers of symbols are prescribed to each reel. The random number generator decides in what position each reel will fall. The number of times a symbol appears and the arrangement of the symbols on each reel will affect the probability of winning.

Consider an imagined classic slot game with one payline and three reels with 10 symbols on it. Let’s say there are nine Kings on each reel and one Ace on each reel. The maximum win of the slot game is 1,000x achieved by matching the three Aces.

We know that the probability of landing an Ace on each reel is 1/10 or 10%. The probability of landing an Ace on all three reels is 1/10 x 1/10 x 1/10 = 1/1000. Therefore, the slots probability of hitting the jackpot in this imagined progressive slot is 1 in 1000 or 0.1%.

Now, you must remember that this is an example, and actually slot games tend to have many more than just two different symbols and include many more paylines. These will likely exist on a reel that holds many more than just 10 symbols with each symbol appearing more than once.

Return to Player (RTP) In Slots And Volatility

The RTP indicates the average amount of money a player gets back from how much they put into a slot game. For example, if the RTP is 96% and you spend $1 on the game, on average, you can expect $0.96 back. We cannot stress enough, though, that this is an average expectation calculated from millions of spins, and your experience playing a slot game could differ greatly from what the RTP suggests. The slot machines with the best odds of winning are likely to have a higher RTP than 96% as 96% is quite average for online slots.

The volatility of a slot game can either be low, medium, or high. High volatility slot games tend to offer wins that occur irregularly but tend to be of higher value when they occur. Low volatility slot games offer consistent but lower value wins. Medium volatility slots fall between the two.

Discover The Highest RTP Slots Games

slots odds slot game Stone Hominid

Playing slot games with a higher RTP can help you have a better return on your stake than playing lower RTP games. Low to medium volatility is preferred because they offer more consistent wins than high volatility games. Our team, who studied and discovered the casino game with the best odds, have selected these top choices.

Game RTP Volatility
Moody Fruits 99.91% Medium
Stone Hominid 99.54% Medium
Fairy Dust Xtreme! 99.04% Low/Medium
Fruity Beats Xtreme 99.08% Medium
Ugga Bugga 99.07% Low
Poseidon Xtreme! 99% Low/Medium
Ed Jones & Book of Seth Xtreme 99% Medium/High
Book of 99 99% High
Ed Jones and Book of Bastet Deluxe Extreme 99% Medium/High
King Of Luck 98.91% Medium

Comparing Slots Odds With Other Casino Games

As online gambling continues to grow in the US, players are more likely to play slot games because they are the most readily available and attractive to play. But, let’s take a closer look at how online slots chances of winning match up with other offshore casino games.

The table game Blackjack is generally considered to have an RTP of 99.39%. In the list above there are only two slot games that have a better RTP than 99.39%. Blackjack therefore has a better RTP than slots.

Roulette has an RTP of 97.3%, it is no secret that the presence of 0s helps provide a house edge. All of the slot games in the list above have a better RTP than 97.3% but these are some of the best slots to play. Slot machines tend to have an RTP of around 96% so roulette is likely to have a better RTP.

Baccarat has an RTP of 98.94%. While there are slot games out there with a better RTP, the average for slot games tends to be around 96%. So Baccarat games are likely to have a better RTP than slots.

Neteller casinos offering an RTP for Jacks or Better video poker games tends to be around 99%, which is more favourable than the average RTP offered by online slot machines.

Improve Your Odds At Slots: Top Tips & Strategies

Whether you’re playing slots at an instant gift cards casino or an instant withdrawal PayPal casino, it’s always wise to be equipped with some tips to use when playing the games.

✅ Practice – You can play demos online, which give you the chance to practice and gain a better understanding of how slots work.
✅ RTP and Volatility – Look for slot games with a low volatility and a high RTP as they are more likely to offer consistent wins than high volatility games.
✅ Use Casino Bonuses – Use the bonus games funds and free spins offered by crypto casinos to maximize your profits.
✅ Levels Betting – This strategy starts with deciding a betting unit and wagering that amount until you encounter five losses in a row. At this point you increase the bet level to five units.
✅ Fixed Percentage Betting – This strategy may require a calculator but it essentially involves betting a percentage of your overall balance. It can be a good way to manage your money.
✅ Martingale Betting Strategy – The Martingale strategy involves doubling your stake after every loss, until you generate a win, at which point you return back to the original stake.
✅ Choose The Right Slots – The most important aspect of playing slots is having fun, so make sure you pick slot games with bonus features and a theme that you will enjoy.
✅ Gambling Responsibly – Playing with responsible habits will help you avoid busting out and potentially lead to long-term success.

Practice Playing Slots

Demos of the best slot machines to play for real money are readily available online so if you are completely new to slot games, you can practice online.

slots odds sweet bonanza demo play
Source: Lucky Block

When you visit online gambling sites like Lucky Block or BC.Game you get the opportunity to play demos of the best slot games online if you would like. This gives you a chance to experience how the slot game pays, how the game works and how its maths model tends to play out before staking real money.

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