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Bonus terms and conditions are rules that inform you how to claim a casino promotion or offer. However, they can often include fine-print stipulations with jargon attached to them, which is why our team of experts are on hand to help you understand how to interpret the long and wordy terms commonly associated with a casino bonus.

The following toolkit will help ensure you maximize your bonus usage so you can enjoy the online gaming journey ahead.

Understanding Online Casino Bonus Terms

You will encounter many different types of bonuses at fast payout casinos. Despite the difference in the makeup of the bonuses you might receive, they will have a lot of crossover in the bonus terms and conditions.

Almost every casino offers a welcome bonus, which is usually the most valuable bonus they offer. There could be around 97 million US players in the online gambling market by 2029, so casinos these days have to make themselves stand out in gaining new customers. Such bonuses are often displayed prominently on the casino’s homepage to attract new customers. However, prospective customers should be aware of how bonus terms can diminish the advertised value.

Free spins are also a common bonus type offered at offshore casinos. Free spins can seem like great offers that potentially offer wins without stakes. However, maximum bet limits and wagering requirements can abate this excitement.

We will delve more into common casino terms and conditions while looking at how they affect you and your gameplay.

Wagering Requirements, Rollover & Play Through

bonus terms and conditions wagering requirements at Bovada

These are three terms that refer to the same type of casino T&C’s. Wagering, rollover, or play-through requirements all indicate how many times you need to wager the value of a bonus before you can withdraw any winnings as cash. Casinos apply wagering requirements to winnings from free spins, the bonus funds you acquire, and sometimes even your deposit and the bonus combined. Wagering requirements ensure players have to contribute some of their own money before cashing out.

For example, a welcome bonus that offers a 100% match up to $1,000 may include 40x wagering requirements that apply to both the deposit and bonus amount. Taking full advantage of this offer involves depositing $1,000 to claim $1,000 bonus funds. Both need to be wagered 40 times. This means you need to make $80,000 worth of wagers before you can withdraw any remaining winnings as cash.

You also need to understand to what extent different types of games contribute to wagering requirements. For example, at BetOnline, money spent on slot games will count 100% towards meeting the rollover. Blackjack games only count 10%, so for every $1 you spend on blackjack, you only make a $0.10 contribution to meeting the playthrough. This is inefficient; you should try to meet rollover requirements as quickly as possible.

Game Restrictions And Fair Play

bonus terms and conditions prohibited games at Bovada

The restrictions and criteria of a site are crucial for ensuring fairness. Instant bank transfer casinos might restrict which games you can use your bonus on to avoid being exposed to low-risk game strategies. This is when players use low-risk strategies such as betting on odd or even at a roulette table until they’ve used the bonus or met the rollover. By restricting how much a game contributes to the rollover, they reduce the likelihood of people using these strategies.

You can try to counteract that by using your bonus on high RTP slot games. RTP is short for Return To Player. RTP is a percentage value that indicates how much of your stake you might expect back from playing a particular game.

If a slot has a 96% RTP then for every $10 you spend, you might get back $9.60. Online slot machines tend to count 100% towards rollover, so you can try to use the bonus to its maximum effect by playing the highest RTP games.

Whether it’s an instant gift card casino or a cash app casino, the bonus terms and conditions on these sites are informative and helpful for the customer. For example, there will often be an explanation of what happens when a game crashes during play. Usually they will tell you that any ongoing wagers will be void and your stake is returned to you.

You can find out more about fair play and casino compliance with our Casino Guides.

Bonus Time Limits And Time-Frames

bonus terms and conditions bonus expiry date at Bovada.lv

You may encounter bonuses that do not come with a time frame. On the surface this seems great, like a bonus you can use until it has run out. However, it also means the casino can terminate or rescind the offer at any time and at their discretion.

If you can, make yourself aware of when a bonus starts and when it will finish. Look for an expiry date, which will indicate how long you have to use a bonus before you lose it. You will also need to meet wagering requirements within that same period, or else you will lose all your winnings.

If an expiry period or time frame is not expressed in the bonus terms, it is unlikely that there isn’t one, so check with customer service to be sure.

Maximum Bets And Winning Caps

There will be a limit to how much you can stake with your bonus funds or free spins. This is to ensure that anonymous casinos don’t have to pay massive jackpots to customers who have used a free stake. There will also be a limit to how much you can win using bonus terms. It is usually a percentage of the bonus but may just be an arbitrary figure set by the casino.

Instant Payout Casino Terms In Different States

Due to differences in the laws in various states around the country, you may find unique casino bonus terms used to stay in line with the differing laws. Take a look at some of the ways terms and conditions can vary from one state to another:

  • Individual payouts – The amount that can be won at a site such as an online PayPal casino by an individual player changes from state to state across America.
  • Average payout percentage – States have rules on how much a casino is required to payout on average. In Delaware, casinos are required to have an overall RTP between 87% and 95%, whereas in Michigan casinos can operate with an average RTP of 75% or above.
  • Taxes – The amount of tax you have to pay on your winnings varies from state to state.

Most Overlooked T&C’s At An Instant Withdrawal Casino

All casino sites from Neteller instant casinos to no ID verification casinos have their own terms and conditions, so do not get caught out by an individual casino’s terms that seem unimportant. Missing these less obvious bonus terms might cause you to lose a very valuable bonus.

Payment Options Not Accepted

Using certain payment methods to make a triggering deposit might exclude you from claiming the bonus. Payment methods that often exclude players from bonuses are usually eWallets and other third-party payment services. You should be fine to use cryptocurrency, and at some crypto casinos, you may get a more valuable bonus for depositing with it.

Fees and Taxes

Different states have different tax rates on casino winnings. For example, the tax rate for winning from online Skrill casinos in Arizona is 10%, whereas in Delaware, the rate is 50%. You should definitely be aware of these before using a bonus.

Prohibited Activities

The terms and conditions may outline behavior that is not tolerated by the online gambling site. For example, players are prohibited from collecting and sharing personal information about fellow casino users.

Deposit & No Deposit Bonuses

Most bonuses require a triggering deposit to claim, but no deposit bonuses offer rewards without requiring you to stump up your own money first. The wagering requirements of no deposit bonuses are usually higher.

Low-Risk Game Limits

In the past, players could circumvent wagering requirements by placing low-risk wagers, such as betting on black or red in roulette. To counteract this, casinos reduce the degree to which certain games contribute towards meeting wagering requirements.

Using A Casino’s Terms and Conditions To Gamble Safely

Following the terms and conditions of online casino bonuses can be beneficial in terms of staying safe online. They ensure that players don’t use crazy, outlandish stakes, and help limit expectations on winnings. In the interest of staying safe and gambling responsibly, you should also use the tools provided by the casino to maintain your safety.

You can set deposit limits to make sure you don’t use too much of your money. You can also use time limits that will remind you how long you have been playing, which helps you check in with your behaviors.

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