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Sydney Sweeney Leads Contenders To Be Next Bond Girl In Exclusive James Bond Betting Odds

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Our exclusive James Bond odds suggest that Sydney Sweeney could be cast as the latest Bond girl, with the ‘Euphoria’ actress currently 5/2 favourite to be cast in the iconic role. We take a look at the latest James Bond specials, with plenty of exclusive markets to assess.

Next Bond Girl Betting Odds

  • Sydney Sweeney @ 5/2
  • Jenna Ortega @ 11/2
  • Lily Collins @ 13/2
  • Millie Bobby Brown @ 13/2
  • Zoey Deutch @ 8/1
  • Zoe Kravitz @ 9/1
  • Anya Taylor-Joy @ 14/1
  • Hailee Steinfeld @ 14/1
  • Jodie Comer @ 14/1
  • Joey King @ 14/1
  • Zendaya @ 14/1
  • Emma Watson @ 16/1
  • Florence Pugh @ 16/1
  • Kiernan Shipka @ 16/1
  • Naomi Scott @ 16/1
  • Nathalie Emanuel @ 16/1
  • Lili Simmons @ 18/1
  • Zazie Beetz @ 18/1
  • Chloe Moretz Grace @ 20/1
  • Elle Fanning @ 20/1
  • Odeya Rush @ 20/1
  • Bella Thorne @ 28/1
  • Alicia Vikander @ 33/1
  • Emma Stone @ 40/1
  • Jennifer Lawrence @ 50/1

Who Is Going To Be The Next Bond Girl?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was reportedly offered the new James Bond role earlier this week so it seems like its only a matter of time before his iconic co-star role of ‘Bond girl’ is cast.

Sydney Sweeney currently leads our exclusive odds to be the next bond girl at a price of 5/2, with the ‘Euphoria’ actress enjoying no shortage of work during an extremely busy year.

Although Sydney Sweeney leads the latest betting, the odds are very close at the top of the market with a lot of speculation surrounding the infamous role and who could be cast for the upcoming 007 film.

Rivalling Syndey Sweeney at the top of the market is Jenna Ortega at 11/2, who is another actress to have taken the film industry by storm in the last two years.

After rising to fame with the leading role in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’, Millie Bobby Brown is another at the head of the market who could take the iconic Bond girl role at the age of just 20. Millie Bobby Brown is currently 13/2 to be cast as the next Bond girl.

Outside the top three in the market there are a whole host of candidates for the Bond girl role, including the likes of more seasoned actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone who are available at a price of 40/1 or higher.


Liam Solomon, Head of PR for Instant Casinos said on the next Bond 26 cast: “The breaking news of Aaron Taylor-Johnson close to signing on to be the next 007 has shifted the market for the other significant roles in the spy franchise.

“Actress of the moment, Sydney Sweeney, is a new favourite to be cast as the next ‘Bond Girl’. The American has signed on to play a pivotal role in the highly anticipated Euphoria season 3, airing in 2025, rumoured to be the same year Bond 26 will hit cinemas. Oddsmakers predict her star power could start the new Bond era off with a Box Office bang.

“Matthew Vaughn, who directed Aaron under two successful ‘Kick-Ass’ movies, has now been strongly linked in taking the directors chair for Bond 26. The English filmmaker not only has a great relationship with soon-to-be Bond Taylor-Johnson, but has his own successful spy franchise ‘Kingsman’ at the front of his CV.

“Colin Firth & Taron Egerton could be reunited with Matthew Vaughn from their ‘Kingsman’ days – to star as M & Q. With Firth already showcasing his ‘M’ mentoring qualities in the Kingsman franchise, it would be a seamless transition for the two British actors to make up the support team for the new Bond.

“Many are already questioning how long Taylor-Johnson will play the role of Bond. The odds have Aaron to complete less than Daniel Craig’s 5 movie appearances as the British agent. It could be argued that Aaron has more major movie credits to his name than Craig did at the time of taking on Bond, & future franchises like Sony’s Kraven: the Hunter could spell scheduling headaches for the next Bond-to-be.”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Bond Betting Specials

How many Bond films will Aaron Taylor-Johnson be in?

  • Only one film @ 11/4
  • To do less films than Daniel Craig (5) @ 1/3
  • To do exactly 5 films @ 5/1
  • To do more than Daniel Craig @ 9/2
  • To break Sean Connery and Roger Moore’s record appearances (7) @ 16/1
  • Over 2.5 films @ 10/11
  • Under 2.5 films @ 10/11

How Many Bond Films Will Aaron Taylor-Johnson Do?

It has been all but confirmed that Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be the new James Bond, with the 33-year-old set to take over from Daniel Craig in the upcoming 007 movies.

‘The Kings Man’ actor is 11/4 to do just one film in the 007 role and 1/3 to do less films than his predecessor Daniel Craig who managed an impressive five productions.

Sean Connery and Roger Moore are both tied for the most films in the James Bond role on seven and Aaron Taylor-Johnson to break that record is a whopping 16/1 with our exclusive odds.

The over/under line has been set at 2.5 films for the new 007, with the average over thee years per actor being around 4 films each.

Who Will Play M Odds?

  • Colin Firth @ 3/1
  • Mark Strong @ 5/1
  • Jason Isaacs @ 7/1
  • Hugh Grant @ 8/1
  • Gillian Anderson @ 10/1
  • Jude Law @ 10/1
  • James McAvoy @ 12/1
  • Michael Fassbender @ 12/1
  • Pedro Pascal @ 12/1
  • Jon Hamm @ 14/1
  • Cate Blanchett @ 16/1
  • David Thewlis @ 16/1
  • Bryan Cranston @ 20/1
  • Kate Beckinsale @ 25/1
  • Julianne Moore @ 28/1
  • Joseph Fiennes @ 33/1
  • Emma Thompson @ 40/1
  • Idris Elba @ 40/1
  • Ralph Fiennes @ 50/1

Who Will Play M?

Colin Firth and Mark Strong currently head the market for next M role, but nothing is confirmed yet and the odds show that with nobody below a price of 3/1.

Judi Dench most famously played M in the Bond franchise for 20 years and she is the only woman to have ever played the role on screen. The popular Gillian Anderson is 10/1 to become just the second female M.

Ralph Fiennes played M for nine years but he is unlikely to return to the role after saying in the past that he didn’t want to become hated as M, with our exclusive odds reflecting this at 50/1.

Next Bond Director Betting Odds

Previous Bond films directed in brackets.

  • Matthew Vaughn @ 3/1
  • Cari Joji Fukanaga @ 7/2 (No Time To Die)
  • Edgar Wright @ 6/1
  • Alfonso Cuaron @ 7/1
  • Guy Ritchie @ 8/1
  • Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu @ 10/1
  • Paul Thomas Anderson @ 12/1
  • Christopher Nolan @ 14/1
  • Denis Villeneuve @ 14/1
  • Danny Boyle @ 16/1
  • Sam Mendes @ 16/1 (Skyfall, Spectre)
  • David Fincher @ 20/1
  • Ridley Scott @ 20/1
  • James Cameron @ 25/1
  • Guillermo Del Torro @ 28/1
  • Coen Brothers @ 33/1
  • Quentin Tarantino @ 50/1

Who Will Direct The Next Bond Movie?

Cary Joji Fukunaga directed the hugely successful last James Bond project and the ‘No Time To Die’ director is 7/2 to take charge of the next project that is set to start filming this year.

Sam Mendes is the only candidate on our exclusive odds who has directed more than one James Bond movie, with the Skyfall & Spectre director 16/1 to take charge of a third movie in the franchise.

Kinsgman director Matthew Vaughn currently leads the betting at 3/1 to be the next director, having worked with Aaron Taylor-Johnson on big projects in the past such as Kick-Ass.

Who Will Play Q Odds?

  • Taron Egerton @ 6/1
  • Andrew Garfield @ 13/2
  • James McAvoy @ 9/1
  • Henry Cavill @ 10/1
  • Riz Ahmed @ 11/1
  • Hugh Grant @ 14/1
  • Michael Fassbender @ 16/1
  • Gillian Anderson @ 20/1
  • Steve Coogan @ 22/1
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge @ 25/1
  • Asa Butterfield @ 28/1
  • Bryan Cranston @ 33/1
  • Jim Broadbent @ 33/1
  • Richard E Grant @ 33/1
  • Stephen Fry @ 33/1
  • Emma Thompson @ 40/1
  • Idris Elba @ 40/1
  • Ben Whishaw @ 50/1

Who Will Play Q?

The market for Q’s role is comfortably the most open at the moment, with ‘Baby Driver’ star actor Taron Egerton leading the way at odds of 6/1.

After supposedly missing out on the James Bond role, Henry Cavill is now 10/1 to take the Q role although it seems unlikely for the actor who has played huge roles such as Superman.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is 33/1 to make a surprise appearance in the new Bond movie as Q but the role is much more likely to go to a British actor if past films are anything to go by.

Who Will Play Moneypenny?

  • Claire Foy @ 4/1
  • Emilia Clarke @ 6/1
  • Lily James @ 13/2
  • Jessica Henwick @ 9/1
  • Rosalind Eleazar @ 9/1
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge @ 10/1
  • Mandip Gill @ 11/1
  • Jessica Brown-Findlay @ 12/1
  • Jodie Comer @ 12/1
  • Claudia Doumit @ 14/1
  • Olivia Cooke @ 14/1
  • Lily Collins @ 16/1
  • Ivanna Sakhno @ 18/1
  • Zoe Kravitz @ 18/1
  • Nathalie Emanuel @ 20/1
  • Michelle Dockery @ 25/1
  • Sophie Turner @ 33/1
  • Naomie Harris @ 50/1

Who Will Play Moneypenny?

The role of Money Penny is definitely still up for grabs in the upcoming Bond movie, with Naomie Harris reportedly unlikely to reprise her role. Harris is priced as a 50/1 longshot to be recast as Money Penny.

Emilia Clark is no stranger to playing blockbuster roles having played the Queen of Dragons in ‘Game of Thrones’ for over a decade and the popular British actress leads the odds to be Money Penny at 6/1.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge rose to fame in British award winning comedy ‘Fleabag’ and at 10/1 the actress could be overpriced for a role that would be ideal for her.



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