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The Five Best U.S. Gambling Cities You Need To Visit In 2024

Ben Horlock

The five best U.S. gambling cities you need to visit in 2024 have been revealed. Here at InstantCasinos.com, we’ve taken a look at the best casino gambling destinations across the country.

We’ve dissected each city in terms of overall entertainment, leisure/hospitality and of course, the reputation and number of venues on offer.

In the modern age, many prefer to utilize the vast number of best U.S. online casinos that are readily available. However, the esteemed travelling gambler will always go out of their way to fulfil the rush and euphoria of winning big in person.

Naturally, some of the destinations we have selected will come as no surprise. However, there are some U.S. gambling cities that you perhaps wouldn’t have expected to make the cut.

Scroll down to take a look at the five best U.S. gambling cities you need to visit in 2024.

The Five Best U.S. Gambling Cities

5. Palm Springs, California



Palm Springs – which is located in the West Coast state of California – is seen by many as an up-and-coming gambling destination.

All in all, there are seven casinos in and around the Palm Springs Area. The most popular is the Aqua Caliente. Naturally, all of the Palm Springs casinos offer a plethora of table games, slots and casino gambling.

The city itself also has a range of highly reputable hotels, spas, entertainment and leisure facilities, including golf. Therefore, Palm Springs is one of the finest gambling destinations in the U.S.

4. Biloxi, Mississippi

Mississippi Generates $206m In Casino Revenue


Biloxi, Mississippi, may or may not come as a surprise entry as one of the best U.S. gambling cities. In the 25 years since gambling was legalized in the Magnolia State, Biloxi has truly blossomed.

At the time of publication, there are 12 casinos in and around the city. Amongst them are the Hard Rock, Golden Nugget, Boomtown and the Beau Rivage.

Most notably, the Island View Casino and IP Casino Resort Spa underwent million-dollar renovations in 2015. Biloxi provides all the typical gambling facilities a bettor would come to expect alongside luxurious hotels and first-class entertainment.

3. Atlantic City, New Jersey



Ignoring the offerings in Nevada, Atlantic City is perhaps the best gambling city in the U.S. Located in New Jersey on the East Coast, many know AC simply as America’s Playground.

Overall, there are nine Atlantic City casinos on offer. The most popular and reputable is undoubtedly the Borgata Hotel Casino. Other popular properties include the Tropicana, Caesars, Golden Nugget and Resorts Casino Hotel.

Tourists and residents alike will be inundated with all the gambling activities they can undertake. Again, Atlantic City scores high in terms of hospitality, entertainment, leisure and providing first-class gambling facilities.

2. Reno, Nevada



Before a certain glitzy Nevada-neighbor announced itself to the world, Reno was the best gambling city in the U.S. Many viewed Reno as America’s gambling capital, dubbing it the Biggest Little City in the World.

Reno really is a gambling fanatics dream. There are 20 casinos to explore which include Harrah’s, the Eldorado, the Silver Legacy, Atlantis and the Nugget.

Away from the casinos, luxury hotels, spas, shopping and golf are all synonymous with Reno. Naturally, tourists and residents flock to the Nevada city everyday to savior all the sights and sounds.

The Best U.S. Gambling CitY You Need To Visit In 2024

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Renovation For Suncast Hotel & Casino


The Best U.S. Gambling Cities You Need To Visit In 2024 is of course, Las Vegas, Nevada. Those who frequent Sin City regularly will never tire of the glitz and glamour that is on display 24/7.

For gambling enthusiasts who are planning their first trip, it’ll be an experience like no other. Vegas quite literally has it all – and some.

There are a staggering 370+ gambling properties to enjoy, including Caesars Palace, the MGM Grand, the Venetian, the Bellagio and Mandalay Bay to name but a few.

World class entertainment, huge sporting events, luxurious hotels, first-class shopping and leisure activities are all the norm. Vegas attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year.

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