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Pennsylvania Casino Market Set For Boost After Latest Addition

Louis Fargher

Casinos in Pennsylvania are set to be given another boost in 2024, as an agreement with online casino developer, 4ThePlayer.com, has been finalized.

Pennsylvania Casino Market Set For Boost After Latest Addition

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has accepted 4ThePlayer.com’s request to enter the state of Pennsylvania in 2024.

After success in its opening years, 4ThePlayer.com, a British company, has decided to expand its reach across the globe and is committed to goring in the U.S. gambling industry – after obtaining licenses in New Jersey, Connecticut and Michigan.

Chris Ash, Business Development Director and co-founder at 4ThePlayer.com, revealed his excitement over the new entrance into Pennsylvania.

He said: “I am thrilled we can bring our unique gaming experience to the players of Pennsylvania. After the success we have seen with these titles in other states, we are excited for players in Pennsylvania to play them.”

The online casino site has a range of interesting games, including 9K Yeti and 4 Fantastic Lobsters, which will now be available in Pennsylvania through Gaming Realms – a partner of 4ThePlayer.com.

Additionally, gambling legislators in Pennsylvania have proposed a bill that would stop users from funding online gambling with credit cards in PA.

Sen. Wayne Fontanta, who proposed Senate Bill 1159, has suggested that changes need to occur in relation to Title 4 of Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes – which focuses on gambling activity within the state.

Essentially, this new section in PA law would stop betting operators from accepting credit card payment for any gambling activity – including iLottery, DFS Contests and iGaming.

A list of states in North America have already implemented this new law, as Iowa, Tennessee and Massachusetts have banned credit card funding.

In 2020, Iowa prohibited any use of a credit card when funding sports betting accounts and operators within the state have already dished out $20,000 worth of fines to users breaking the new credit card law.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

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