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Ohio Sports Betting Revenue Drops While Casinos Perform Well Again In March Report


Ohio sports betting struggled in March following the ban of college prop bets, but Ohio casino revenue numbers over-performed yet again after a tough start to the year.

Figures for Ohio betting revenue show that sports betting revenue took a dramatic drop in March, down 3.8% from February’s figures and a whopping 33.1% short of last year’s numbers for the same month.

On March 1st the NCAA officially banned prop betting on college sports, which frustrated fans ahead of March Madness.

With college prop betting banned there was understandably a dip in sports betting revenue for the Buckeye State during March – but down 33.1% compared to last year was a tough blow.

Ohio’s governor announced after the ban that: “The Ohio Casino Control Commission took quick action to protect student athletes from unnecessary and potentially harmful threats.

“Amending rules to focus bets on the team and away from individual athletes will improve the marketplace in Ohio and properly focus betting attention on the teams and away from individual student athletes.”

Ohio Casino Numbers Up In March

Despite the dip in sports betting, Ohio posted back to back positive revenue months for casinos, after suffering from their worst month in three years through January.

During March Ohio casinos reported $94.7m in monthly revenue which was over $10m more than in February and 1.3% higher than last years numbers for the same month.

See below for Ohio casino revenue breakdown through March 2024:

  • Hollywood Columbus – $25.6m
  • Jack Cleveland’s – $24.5m
  • Hollywood Toledo Casino – $22.5m
  • Hard Rock Cincinnati – $22.2m



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