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Minnesota Gambling Bill Progresses Despite Legal Issues

Louis Fargher

A Minnesota gambling bill will enter the House after being approved by the Ways and Means Committee.

Minnesota Gambling Bill Progresses Despite Legal Issues

Senator John Marty was part of the group that introduced the gambling bill, it would allow restricted sports betting and open in-game betting markets for college sports.

In May 2023, Minnesota held a conference with a group of legislators, which ended without a successful proposal for legalized sports wagering – despite passing through several house committees.

Zach Stephenson, a representative in Minnesota, pushed the bill which would have allowed in-person sports betting in casinos that are under the 11 Native American tribes umbrella.

A meeting between tribe representatives and horse racetracks took place in the early stages of May, but failed to reach a conclusion.

This led to Running Aces Casino and Racetrack amending a lawsuit that looks to gain further leverage in the Minnesota sports betting negotiations.

This lawsuit states that the Minnesota tribes are going against the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, as it is set to open slot machines that are not accessible in other areas of the state.

Taro Ito, Running Aces CEO, spoke about the purpose of IGRA and how it is trying to create a ‘level’ playing field across the state.

He said (Via PlayUSA): “What people don’t understand about IGRA was the intent was never to give tribes a monopoly on video games of chance or any sort of gambling.

“The intent of IGRA was always to create a level playing field and allow tribes to do what others are doing in the state.”

The original complaint was filed by Running Aces, which targeted executives of casinos that are run by the two biggest Minnesota gaming tribes.

A Minnesota House Committee combined sports betting with the latest bill, which would stop tracks from having historic horse racing markets.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

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