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Meadowlands Casino Once Rejected By Voters Gathers Interest Yet Again


A proposed casino in Meadowlands, North Jersey, has garnered interest from the public yet again despite the casino project being rejected by voters in the past.

With seven out of nine North Jersey casinos reporting less in-person wins than before Covid-19, a new project in the North Jersey area could be the answer to the state’s casino problems.

Jeff Gural is the owner of Meadowlands Racetrack located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and the owner is looking to revisit past plans of building a casino on his property with an extremely high budget.

“I can’t imagine that people in northern New Jersey are going to be happy driving over the George Washington Bridge and paying $18 in tolls and sitting in traffic in order to get to the casino,” he said in a statement this week.

Gural reportedly has a budget of over $2Billion to work with on his new proposed project but with voters already pulling down the casino idea in the past, what is different this time round?

Why Did Meadowlands Casino Not Receive Approval?

In 2015, Meadowlands Racetrack owner Jeff Gural announced plans to install a $1Billion casino adjacent to his racetrack – however the proposal was written in a way that would have allowed the casino to be built anywhere in New Jersey, rather than specifically in Meadowlands.

Due to the wording of the proposal Gural lost the vote by a 4-1 ratio, but the American real estate developer seemed to know the outcome was coming.

“It was designed to fail,” Gural said on the referendum, “People don’t really want a casino in their neighbourhood.”

The new casino proposal has made it clear that the site would be located in Meadowlands, well away from any North Jersey residential areas.

Gural has suggested that New Jersey gamblers will grow tired of having to pay tolls and sit in traffic queueing for any proposed New York casinos, with a local Meadowlands resort solving everyone’s problems.


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