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Las Vegas: Which Casinos Still Have Coin-Operated Slot Games?

Ben Horlock

Las Vegas coin-operated slots may be something of a rarity in the modern age. However, there are a number of casinos in Sin City that still use them. 

Admittedly, the younger generation may not be as passionate about them as the older generation. However, there is a real buzz and excitement about playing slots the “old fashioned way.”

Here at InstantCasinos.com, we take a look at five land-based casinos whereby coin-operated slot games are still very much the trend.

Las Vegas Coin-Operated Slots

1. Skyline

Henderson’s Skyline Casino – which is located outside of downtown and The Strip – has a vast array of coin-operated slot machines. Players old and new will enjoy all of Skyline’s offerings.

As well as all of the household casino games, there is a sportsbook for bettors to take advantage of as well. Skyline is very much a casino that has a little bit of something for everyone.

2. Circus Circus

Not only does Circus Circus offer players approximately 75 token/coin-operated slots, it is also home to the largest permanent circus in the world (unsurprisingly).

Bettors will be entertained by the circus itself, trapeze acts as well as an on-site amusement park. It’s one of the oldest Las Vegas casinos and the function of token/coin slots compliment the venue perfectly.

3. El Cortez

Similar to Circus Circus, El Cortez is also one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. Customers can entertain themselves with the wide offerings of table games as well as a race and sports book.

The property is laced with a history of mob-era gangsters so perhaps that’s why coin-operated slots still thrive in El Cortez. Video poker machines are also a big hit.

4. The D

Irish-themed casino The D is located downtown and has just the one coin-operated game on the property. Horse racing simulator The Sigma has gathered a huge following over the years, often drawing in large crowds.

In fact, The Sigma Derby game at The D is the only one left in operation in the whole of Las Vegas. Up to ten players can buy in with quarters and place bets on the five horses.

5. The California

Also located in downtown Las Vegas is the hugely popular California. When it first opened in the mid 1970s, business wasn’t great so owner Sam Boyd focused on a Hawaiian theme.

This proved to be a masterstroke with bettors and they enjoyed Las Vegas coin-operated slots so much, there are still a huge array of options to capitalize on today.

Ben Horlock

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