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Las Vegas’ Casino Union Pledges Support To Joe Biden In Presidential Race


The Culinary Workers Union represents over 60,000 workers from Nevada’s casino industry and they have pledged their support to Joe Biden in his reelection campaign this year.

Nevada’s largest labor group is the Culinary Workers Union, which largely involves NE residents in roles including housekeepers, waitstaff, cooks, bellhops, and porters within casinos.

The union is planning on sending members out on the streets of Nevada throughout the year – with leaders looking to gather support for Joe Biden ahead of the US presidential election on the 5th of November.

Having played an important role in keeping Nevada as a democrat state both in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, the power of the Culinary Workers Union cannot be overlooked.

Nevada supported Hilary Clinton in 2016 and that year marked the first time the Silver State had got the presidential outcome wrong since 1976.

Culinary Workers Union Set To Rally For 2024 Election

Ted Pappageorge is the secretary-treasurer of the union and he described this week the further efforts his team will go to this year to rally voters within Nevada.

“By election day, we’ll have 500 union members — men and women that are normally cleaning rooms in hotels, cooking food, or serving drinks — out full-time, knocking on doors, registering folks to vote, taking folks to the polls,” Pappageorge explained.

Union members will be paid for their time rallying for Biden with union dues used to pay members for their door-to-door efforts building up to and on election day.

“They sign up for three to six months during an election year. They walk the neighbourhoods every day, 10 hours a day, in 110 degrees. Workers talking to workers. That’s how we move the working class vote in Nevada.”


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