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Gambling Regulator In New York Supports NCAA’s Call To Ban Prop Bets Across The US

Ben Horlock

Prop bet ban: The gambling regulator in New York City has supported the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) call to ban prop bets across the country. 

Prop bets are proving to be very notorious in recent times. Dissatisfied gamblers are quick to generate online abuse towards college athletes owing to their performances.

In fact, the level of hurtful messages sent across social media platforms is spiking at an alarming rate.Therefore, the NY gambling regulator believes there is no other option but to prohibit prop bets in college sports entirely.

Citizens and residents in New York are unable to place prop bets on college events. The states of Ohio and Maryland also follow suite as a strict measure to protect players.

Prop Bet Ban

Last month, the NCAA’s president, Charlie Baker confirmed their continued efforts to implement a nationwide prop bet ban. The chairman of the New York State Gaming Commission, Brian O’Dwyer, also echoed the idea.

O’Dwyer sent a detailed letter to Baker expressing his concern and how vital it is to ban prop bets from all college sports and events.

As regulators of the largest sports betting market in the United States, we continue to believe the prohibition of college proposition betting on student-athletes is appropriate,“ O’Dwyer said.

New York State appreciates your efforts to help implement this important protective measure nationwide,” he concluded.

What Is A Prop Bet?

In sports gambling, a prop bet is a wager that can be placed on an occurrence or non-occurrence of an event. Prop bets are hugely popular in the NBA, NFL, MLS, NHL, MLB and of course, NCAA events.

Using basketball as an example, a gambler can bet on the over or under on how many points someone scores. They could also bet on how many assists a player may distribute and how many rebounds they grab.

Therefore, prop bets aren’t typically determined by the overall outcome of the game or event. This, coupled with strong odds, make prop bets hugely attractive and popular.

This is why a number of college athletes are entertaining huge levels of abuse. If their performance doesn’t satisfy a bettors wager, backlash is aimed directly at them.

The NY gambling regulator and NCAA will continue to work closely together to try and neutralize the ongoing issues. New Jersey are also in agreement as they try to ban player-specific bets in college events.

Ben Horlock

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