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Arsenal Invincible Sends Mentality Message to Gunners Ahead of Everton Showdown

Owen Fulda

In an exclusive interview with InstantCasinos.com, Arsenal Invincible Lauren revealed he sent a message to the current Gunners squad, hailing their mentality ahead of their season finale against Everton…

This Arsenal Team Has Real Madrid Level Mental Determination – Says Lauren

As part of Arsenal’s Invincibles, Lauren knows the type of mental strength required to win the Premier League and he believes the current Gunners squad have shown they share the strong mentality that Real Madrid have also shown over generations;

Lauren: “The other day I sent a message to the Arsenal boys where I was saying that in these types of contests [the big games] your conditioning affects your level of performance week in, week out. Because you’re nervous, we all feel a little bit scared, the pressure, and everything that comes with that responsibility – that’s conditioning your level of performance. If you start with that kind of determination, everything is easier. I believe Real Madrid have built that since their academy over many, many years, and all of their players have the determination to fight until the end.”

Emotional Control Shows Gunners’ Progress

Arsenal threw away leads in last year’s run in, which saw them overhauled by Manchester City, but this year they have stayed the course. Lauren believes the Gunners have matured emotionally as a team and last season’s collapses are now a thing of the past;

Lauren: “You need to control your emotions in order to win the big games. Last season for example, against West Ham and Liverpool, they collapsed and couldn’t handle the pressure. Nowadays, we see the team with more control as we saw against Manchester United and many other teams throughout the season. If you control those emotions, it allows you to dominate the back four, the middle of the park and in the final third as we’ve seen all season.”

Transformation Visible on USA Pre-Season Tour

Lauren was a part of Arsenal’s pre-season tour of the United States where he witnessed first hand how Mikel Arteta has transformed the club and instilled an impressive, gritty determination and spirit into his squad;

Lauren: “I was there in pre-season with the boys, I saw the determination they had through every single training session and every day in all the cities we visited in the USA. It was amazing, those boys and Arteta have been absolutely brilliant. Arteta has transformed the club, now we have a team who can really challenge for the Premier League and can beat any team in Europe. This team has more spirit.”

Owen Fulda

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