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Ebanie Bridges Interview: People fantasise about me and Conor but it’s strictly business; Conor McGregor should be the next James Bond villain

Owen Fulda

In an exclusive interview with InstantCasinos, boxing and Only Fans star Ebanie Bridges spoke openly about people fantasising over her relationship with UFC megastar Conor McGregor…

People fantasise about me and Conor but it’s strictly business

Ebanie revealed she regularly faces lewd comments on social media regarding her friendship with Conor McGregor. The Blonde Bomber put the record straight and said she believes fans like to fantasise about her and the Notorious doing more than just successfully building brands together;

Ebanie Bridges: “Yeah, it’s f**king annoying [that I have to defend our friendship] because it’s so clear to me. Maybe I’m either really smart or I just think it’s common sense. I think they [fans] have this little fantasy that we’re f**king, and then they get excited about that and maybe go have a w**k. I don’t know but that’s all I can think of. Because honestly if there was something going on, I feel like we wouldn’t be together in public if we were doing something like that. 

“I wouldn’t be wearing that branded clothing all the time and having a Forged Irish Stout in my hand all the time. It’s clearly promotion. They want to think it up in their head for whatever reason, for their own little fantasies or to try and bring me down or to try and bring Conor down, because he has a lot of haters as well. But in the end, the people that are saying that, they’re just trying to spread rumours and make things up or make themselves excited.”

Conor McGregor should be the next James Bond villain

UFC star Conor McGregor received good reviews after making his acting debut in the recent hit movie Road House. His performance as Knox prompted Ebanie Bridges to tout him as potentially the next villain in the 26th James Bond film, which is set to be released in 2025;

Ebanie Bridges: “He could be [the next Bond villain]. I believe he can be anything. He’s an incredible human. Honestly, if you meet him in person when he walks in a room he just lights it up. And I’m not just talking about in front of the fans, it happens when there’s just a few people too. He’s just got that aura about him.”

“He’s just so driven when he puts his mind to something and when you’ve got people like that they’re unstoppable. He’s full of character. He’s already got the brand. He can do anything. He’s one of those people, like me, we can do anything that we put our minds to and he’s lucky because he’s already got a name.”

Ebanie reveals regret over dating Kostya Tszyu lookalike 

Ebanie was asked which Australian boxers inspired her when she was growing up and she revealed not only was she inspired by former lightweight world champion Kostya Tszyu, she also dated someone who shared his distinctive ‘rat-tail’ hairstyle;

Ebanie Bridges: “Australian wise I’d have to say definitely Kostya Tszyu. That was my era, all through my teens. I mean, I even dated a guy who had the Kostya Tszyu rat style haircut because I thought, oh, he’s so cool! He looked like Kostya Tszyu and he was a kickboxer, but that turned out to be a mistake!

“I know Kostya Tszyu is kind of Russian but we adopted him. But in terms of someone raised in Australia I’d say Jeff Fenech because he fought like me with that work rate, that savageness and he was also a Bantamweight. He was also an IBF Bantamweight world champion but it was obviously a little bit before my era. Kostya Tszyu was a lightweight when I was growing up. And his son, I’m very impressed with Tim Tszyu also.”

Owen Fulda

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