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Draft Kings Reveals Extensive $2.2Million Air Travel Bill In 2023 For CEO Jason Robins Amongst Other Luxury Amenities


Gaming company Draft Kings has revealed that last year they spent over $2.2Million in total on air travel and other luxury amenities for CEO Jason Robins.

Draft Kings have released last years spending splits, with eyes being drawn to the large bill Jason Robins racked up with his travel and security expenses as CEO.

All expenses were shown in a Schedule 14A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission during April.

“The extensive document stated that: “For Mr. Robins, the amounts disclosed in this column include $1,114,762 for security costs, $1,112,973 for air travel costs, $9,900 for our matching contribution made under our 401(k) plan, $15,925 for financial planning services, $61,095 for the purchase of tickets, travel and accommodations to Company-sponsored events during the year, and $353,335 for tax reimbursements related to the aforementioned items, where applicable.”

Aside from the obvious large bill for travel expenses and security, Robins reportedly spent around $61,095 on getting to the Super Bowl last year, which is no doubt the most expensive sporting event in the world to watch.

Draft Kings Shares Skyrocket Despite Spending

Despite the high travel and security bill in 2023, Draft Kings shares still saw a significant rise last year even with some of the biggest shareholders selling their stock.

Robins sold over $200,ooo in shares last month but despite the CEO selling, Draft Kings stock is up by a significant 20.4% margin on year-on-year figures as well as a 98.3% increase on the year.

Draft Kings was in fact one of the most successful gaming companies in the US last year even with some of their other high-profile shareholders selling stock.


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