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Concord Casino In New Hampshire Still Yet To Be Sold With Sale Deadline Just Months Away


New Hampshire’s Concord casino is yet to be acquired with the property’s sale deadline just months away, as little interest remains shown over the small property in NH.

Andy Sanborn, Concord casino owner, decided to look for a new owner of the property at the beginning of this year with the former politician looking to move away from the business this year.

Unfortunately for Sanborn there has been little to no interest shown in his aging property, with executive director of New Hampshire’s lottery commission Charlie McIntyre saying earlier this week: “There’s been no change in the status of the Concord facility. There has been no sale.”

If the casino is not sold within the time frame given the property may get its licence revoked, meaning Sanborn only has until July 1st to offload his site before suffering the consequences.

There is reportedly an option for Sanborn to appeal the sale deadline which could result in the casino owner getting an added three month extension to sell his site.

Is Concord Casino Still Open?

Simply put, no – Concord Casino is currently not open to the public with the sites casino license suspended.

Concord had their license revoked at the beginning of this year, after it was alleged that the owner improperly received $844K in COVID funds. Casinos were amongst those businesses ineligible from receiving relief money from the government following the pandemic.

Sanborn has been accused of using $181,000 of that money to fund two Porsche cars, as well as spending a healthy chunk on a Ferrari for his wife and rent on his own property.

Officials claimed that Sanborn should no longer be in charge of a charitable casino with his flawed past, which is why the former politician is now looking to sell his New Hampshire property.


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