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Caesars Palace: A Guide To One Of Las Vegas’ Most Popular Casinos

Ben Horlock

Whether you are a regular in Las Vegas or are planning your first ever trip, everybody has heard of Caesars Palace. But what makes it so famous?

Here at InstantCasinos.com, we will provide an in-depth guide to one of Sin City’s most popular casinos and luxury hotels on The Strip.

We will take a closer look at the hotel itself, the restaurants and the quality of food/drink, where to shop and go out and of course, the casino gaming experience.

Furthermore, we will take a trip down memory lane and recall all of the famous sports stars and musical performers who have graced Caesars Palace with their presence over the years.

And of course, Caesars Palace gained most of its popularity after featuring in numerous films and TV shows. Most of which you will more than likely be familiar with.

Caesars Palace: A Brief History

Entrepreneurs Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin founded and opened Caesars Palace in 1966. The pair secured a $10.6Million loan from Teamsters to turn their dream into a reality.

Sarno envisaged an opulent facility that provided guests with an authentic Roman Empire feel and theme. He wanted his guests to feel like Roman emperors and spared no expense when it came to decor.

Visitors were greeted with Roman-style columns and an array of statues – including a 20-foot masterpiece of Augustus Caesar by the entrance.

The opening party of Caesars was truly extravagant for the time. Around $1m was spent which included Ukrainian caviar, two tons of filet mignon, 300 pounds of Maryland crabmeat and 50,000 glasses of champagne.

Cocktail waitresses were employed to greet guests by saying: “Welcome to Caesars Palace, I am your slave.” Naturally, the waitresses wore Greco-Roman wigs.

Reports suggest just over $40m in advance bookings were taken in the first few days of business. A truly astronomical sum for the time which was mainly due to the huge publicity Caesars received.

Nowadays, Caesars Palace is owned by Vici Properties and operated by Caesars Entertainment. The address is listed as 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard.


Caesars Palace Hotel

The Caesars Palace hotel has just under 4,000 rooms amongst its six towers. Of these towers, there are various room categories for guests to pick from.

Those who are looking for something a bit simple and basic can opt for the classic Caesars room. This will typically provide on average 475 square feet of space.

There are also the premium rooms located in the Octavius and Augustus Towers. These rooms are part of the Laurel Collection and guests will receive private valet entrance, registration and staff.

The spa is also located in Augustus Tower. Guests can use an app to contact staff to attend to their personal wants and needs. Staying on the south side of the Augustus tower provides stunning views of the Bellagio fountains.

Caesars Palace naturally caters for the super rich who are looking to stay in complete luxury. There are a large number of suites that range from 640 to 9,050 square feet.

Separate living rooms, dining areas, wet bars, and fabulous multi-floor layouts are all the norm. If money really is no object, the opulent villas on offer provide a truly emperor-esque experience.

Private Zen gardens, saunas, media rooms, golden fixtures, private pools, piano rooms, and barrel-vaulted ceilings are just some of the notable features.

There is also the famous Qua Baths & Spa to enjoy. Naturally, these are reminiscent of Roman baths and guests can select various heats to enjoy.

The Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is the go-to place for guests who want to go swimming. The family-friendly Jupiter Pool, Temple Pool and chilled-out Venus Pool proving most popular.

Other notable features at Caesars Palace hotel include the five wedding chapels, the two off-site golf courses and the Hairdreams Salon by Michael Boychuck.


Eat And Drink At Caesars Palace

As you would come to expect, the dining experience at Caesars Palace is fit for a Roman emperor. There is virtually every type of cuisine available to guests.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has guests covered for those wanting some English grub. Bobby Flay has exquisite French and Italian restaurants and there are of course, an array of brilliant steakhouses.

Chinese and other high-rolling casino guests are really well catered for. The vast array of Asian offerings is seemingly never ending and the Nobu Restaurant is a must.

Michelin-star chef Guy Savoy is also a prominent figure at Caesars Palace. However, those who are not in the mood for eating out can simply have food delivered to their room.

It’s also worth noting that Caesars Palace boasts the largest buffet in the world. The 25,000-square-foot Bacchanal Buffet offers guests a huge array of dishes from all four corners of the planet.

And of course, anywhere you choose to eat and dine out at Caesars Palace can be washed down with some of the finest drinks. Alcoholic or soft, there is something for everyone when in Rome.


Caesars Palace Shopping

Shopping lovers will feel right at home during their stay at Caesars Palace. The Forum Shops at Caesars, better known as The Forum, will cater for everybody’s styles and tastes.

The Forum is currently 636,000-square-foot after a number of expansions since opening in 1992. It has faux painted skies and interior mini-monuments and more notably, over 160 boutiques and restaurants.

World famous brands such as Cartier, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Dior, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Ted Baker, Tiffany and Co, Valentino and Versace are all present.

The story of the Myth of Atlantis is told via The Fall of Atlantis fountain inside The Forum. It uses special effects and 9 feet animated figures which is a brilliant feature that can’t be missed.

Perhaps the most impressive part of The Forum is that it is the highest grossing mall in the United States. In terms of sales per square foot, it beats Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Connecting to the casino floor, The Forum boasts an excellent location and even if shopping is not high on the to-do list, it’s great just to have a leisurely stroll through.

Many actually consider The Forum to be the most valuable real estate in the whole of Las Vegas. Many celebrities and famous figures often indulge at The Forum when they are in town. 


Nightlife, Shows And Entertainment At Caesars Palace

The entertainment aspect at Caesars Palace is quite literally second to none. The best place to start would be the Colosseum, which is an iconic 4,296-seat venue.

It was originally built for Celine Dion’s show, “A New Day…”,  back in 2003 at a cost of $95m. In its two decades, a whole host of world famous singers and entertainers have performed at the Colosseum.

More recently, a new VIP area has been added which includes banquettes for groups of up to 10 with bottle service. On average, the venue makes around $175,000 per night.

Other popular bars and clubs include the 75,000-square-foot Omnia, whereby Calvin Harris is the resident superstar DJ. There are mezzanine-level private booths in the Omnia as well.

The likes of the Alto Bar, Montecristo Cigar Bar, Vista Cocktail Lounge the Stadia Bar and the Pussycat Dolls Lounge are all hugely popular amongst guests and visitors.

Other notable clubs/bars include the Apostrophe Bar, Lobby Bar, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden and the Purple Zebra. In terms of live shows, stars such as Adele, The Killers and Rod Stewart are set to perform in 2024.

Below, you will see a list of the most notable singers, performers, celebrity figures/politicians and artists who have performed at Caesars Palace over the years:

  • Celine Dion
  • Elton John
  • Barack Obama
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Ricky Martin
  • Mariah Carey
  • Stevie Nicks
  • Janet Jackson
  • Shania Twain
  • Diana Ross
  • Judy Garland
  • Dolly Parton
  • David Copperfield
  • Cher
  • Rod Stewart
  • Tina Turner
  • Tony Bennett

Sports Events At Caesars Palace

Since the late 1970s, a number of huge boxing matches have been hosted at Caesars Palace. The likes of Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Larry Holmes, George Foreman, Gerry Cooney, Marvin Hagler, Wladimir Klitschko and Evander Holyfield all fought there.

In 1981 and 1982, The Caesars Palace Grand Prix (a Formula One World Championship event) was held in the car park on-site.

Financially, the races proved to be a disaster and they were eventually scrapped. The drivers themselves were not keen on the venue due to the  desert heat and its counter-clockwise direction of the track.

It once took Nelson Piquet over 15 minutes to recover from heat exhaustion. Attendances for both races were extremely poor, also. IndyCar events were also trialled but proved unsuccessful as well.

Throughout the 1990s, a series of professional wrestling events were hosted at Caesars Palace. The most notable was WWE’s (formerly WWF) Wrestlemania IX show in 1993.

WCW have also held events at Caesars Palace.  These include Clash of the Champions XXX in January 1995 as well as Clash of the Champions XXXII and an episode of WCW Monday Nitro a year later. 



Films And TV Shows At Caesars Palace

Below, you will find a list of all of the notable films and TV shows that have been filmed and/or feature Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas:


  • Hells Angels on Wheels
  • Where It’s At
  • The Only Game In Town
  • The Electric Horseman
  • Rocky III
  • Oh, God! You Devil
  •  You Ruined My Life
  • Rain Man
  • Hearts Are Wild
  • Fools Rush In
  • Ocean’s Eleven
  • Intolerable Cruelty
  • Dream Girls
  • Iron Man
  • The Hangover
  • 2012
  • The Hangover Part III
  • Step Up

TV Shows

  • The Partridge Family
  • The Sopranos
  • The Simpsons
  • Friends
  • The Strip
  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians 
  • America’s Next Top Model

Caesars Palace Casino

Caesars Palace casino is spread amongst the ground floor with almost 130,000 square feet of casino space for players to enjoy. At the time of publication, there are 16 spacious poker tables situated inside one large room.

Guests can even enjoy different forms of poker 24/7. Lovers of table games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette will feel right at home in the casino.

There is a recently renovated race and sportsbook on-site, with a 138-foot screen installed so guests don’t miss any sporting action. Just for good measure.


Also, there are individual betting stations and mobile sports wagering. Free Wi-Fi and USB charging ports can be located all over the casino floor.

In terms of slot and video machines, Caesars Palace currently provides 1,324 different terminals. Naturally, all of the biggest and best slot games are available for guests to try and win big.

Those who visit Las Vegas really will be engulfed with the full gaming and casino experience at Caesars Palace. It really is a destination that gambling enthusiasts need to visit at least once in their lives.

Ben Horlock

Ben is an experienced news and features writer who specializes in providing expert guides on all aspects of online and in-person gambling. Ben has over ten years experience writing for web-based audiences and has strong expertise in casinos, online cryptocurrency gambling platforms as well as slots and table games. Ben has been published across a number of english international news outlets, including InstantCasinos and BitcoinCasino. As well, Ben has worked in social media for four years in the sports gambling industry.