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Atlantic City Anti-Smoking Lawsuit: Casino Workers Ask Judge To Enforce Ban

Ben Horlock

A potential Atlantic City casino smoking ban has been left in the hands of a judge, according to reports. 

Workers in the nine Atlantic City land-based venues have become increasingly frustrated with having to breath in secondhand smoke.

They also went on to cite how the casinos are a “poisonous” atmosphere to work in. Illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma and cancer have been reported by employees.

At the time of publication, Superior Court Judge Patrick Bartels has not issued a ruling. However, he aims to do so “as quickly as possible.”

Atlantic City Casino Smoking Ban

As detrimental as smoking is to those who work in Atlantic City casinos, its feared that a ban could have huge financial implications.

Atlantic City casinos currently allow smoking on 25% of their floors. Nonetheless, many accept that smoke is present across a wider area.

In April 2024, a lawsuit was filed by the United Auto Workers. They represent dealers at the Bally’s, Caesars and Tropicana casinos.

As it stands, the state of New Jersey has banned smoking in all indoor work places except for casinos. Judge Patrick Bartels has plenty to consider in the meantime.

Casino workers should have the necessary protection from smoking, just like other employees would in their respective line of work.

Bertels will also need to address the potential monetary loss. Bettors who have to entertain a smoking ban will more than likely take their business elsewhere.

It remains to be seen what outcome the judge will go for. Especially with strong arguments from both sides. Attorney Christopher Porrino, who represents the Casino Association of New Jersey, says almost half a century has passed without the smoking policy being changed.

He went on to stress that why should it change now, when so much time has passed without discussion. Attorney Nancy Erika Smith is strongly in favor of imposing a smoking ban throughout Atlantic City casinos. She believes employees have every right to work in a safe environment – without being exposed to smoke.


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