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American Idol Latest: Odds Suggest Meghan Trainor Ready to Take Over From Katy Perry & Will Predicted to Win S22

Nick Raffoul

Key Highlights:

  • Meghan Trainor now huge favorite to take over from Katy Perry as judge on season 23.
  • Will favored heavily to win season 22 with odds of -250 (71% implied probability).
  • Season 22 projected to have lowest viewing figures ever for a season finale.

American Idol Odds

American Idol Season 22 Winner:

  • Will Moseley: -250
  • Abi Carter: +300
  • Jack Blocker: +800

Who will replace Katy Perry on S23?

  • Meghan Trainor: -150
  • Alanis Morissette: +200
  • Jelly Roll: +500
  • Carrie Underwood: +900
  • Paula Abdul: +1600
  • Jennifer Lopez: +2000
  • Shakira: +3300

Which singer will forget the lyrics in their final performances?

  • Will: +2000
  • Abi: +1000
  • Jack: +500

Which singer will the judges criticize for their final performance?

  • Will: +1000
  • Abi: +400
  • Jack: +250

Final Performances S22 Viewing Figures (O/U 7M):

  • Over: +150
  • Under: -188

Season Finale S22 Viewing Figures (O/U 6M):

  • Over: +125
  • Under: -163

As American Idol wraps up its 22nd season, the show is facing significant changes and challenges. Meghan Trainor has emerged as the huge favorite to replace Katy Perry as a judge for the upcoming 23rd season, with odds set at -150. Meanwhile, the current season is projected to end with the lowest viewing figures ever for a finale, highlighting a worrying trend for the once-dominant show.

Odds for Season 23 Judge Replacement: Meghan Trainor Leading the Way

Meghan Trainor’s potential move to the judges’ panel is generating substantial buzz. With odds of -150, she is well ahead of other contenders like Alanis Morissette (+200), Jelly Roll (+500), and Carrie Underwood (+900).

The possibility of Paula Abdul (+1600), Jennifer Lopez (+2000), and Shakira (+3300) joining the panel seems increasingly unlikely.

Trainor’s youthful energy and pop star experience make her a fitting choice to succeed Katy Perry.

71% Chance Will Moseley Wins Season 22 of American Idol

Will Moseley is the favorite to win Season 22, with odds of -250. This means he has an implied probability of just over 71 percent to take home the crown.

His consistent performances and strong fan base have made him the frontrunner. Abi Carter follows with odds of +300, and Jack Blocker trails at +800.

Will’s blend of vocal talent and stage presence has set him apart from the competition, making him the likeliest candidate to take home the title.

Jack Blocker, though the underdog, has delivered some of the season’s most memorable performances, making him a dark horse who could surprise viewers and judges alike.

Viewership Concerns

The anticipation surrounding the Season 22 finale comes with a cloud of concern over its viewership numbers. Betting odds suggest the final performances will attract fewer than 7 million viewers (-188), while the season finale itself is projected to draw under 6 million viewers (-163).

These figures indicate a significant decline in viewership from a show once dominant in the ratings. In the early seasons, when the likes of Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks were winning, the finale would consistently draw 30 million viewers. However, in more recent times, the show has struggled to hit 7 million viewers for the final performances and finales.

The record low viewership currently stands as follows:

  • Final Performances: 6.92 million viewers (S21)
  • Season Finale: 6.06 million viewers (S21)

If the odds are correct both of these record-lows will be surpassed, signaling a show on a major decline.


Nick Raffoul, Head of News at InstantCasinos, offered his perspective on these trends:

“The declining viewership of American Idol reflects broader changes in how audiences consume entertainment. While the show remains a platform for discovering talent, it faces stiff competition from various digital and streaming options.

Meghan Trainor’s potential addition to the judges’ panel could inject fresh energy and attract new viewers, but the show will need to innovate continually to maintain its relevance.”

Nick Raffoul
Nick Raffoul