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ChatGPT Predicts 20/1 Grand National Winner

Ben Horlock

This Saturday’s Grand National is one of the biggest events on horse racing’s calendar and ChatGPT has predicted a win for Minella Indo and Rachael Blackmore. 

We asked AI software ChatGPT a number of 2024 Grand National related prompts to find out who wins, the remaining top five and which country the winning horse is trained. 

  • ChatGPT predicts Minella Indo to win the 2024 Grand National at Aintree
  • Rachael Blackmore expected to claim the Aintree headlines once again
  • The AI software expects the Irish-trained runners to dominate the race
  • Recent bad weather means just 10-15 horses could finish the spectacle

Who Will Win The Grand National 2024 According to ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is backing the Rachael Blackmore-ridden former Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Minella Indo as the most likely winner of the Grand National 24.

Blackmore is already etched in the Grand National record books having won the 2021 running with Minella Times. She became the first female to ride the winner of the most famous horse race in the world in the process.

Minella Indo could also become just the third horse to win both the Grand National and the Gold Cup – these being Golden Miller and L’Escargot.

According to ChatGPT, the Gordon Elliott-trained Delta Work, who was third in 2022, is expected to follow home Minella Indo with Galvin back in fourth, with the winner from two years ago Noble Yeats back in fourth and another Elliott entry Coko Beach back in fifth. 

Grand National 2024: AI Top Five Finishers

  1. Minella Indo
  2. Delta Work
  3. Galvin
  4. Noble Yeats
  5. Coko Beach  

ChatGPT Race Report: “The Grand National begins with all 34 runners charging out of the starting gate, eager to tackle the gruelling course ahead. The pace is frantic as horses jostle for position amidst the chaos of the early stages.

“As they approach the first few jumps, Minella Indo and Delta Work establish themselves as frontrunners, displaying their jumping prowess and stamina. Galvin follows closely behind, maintaining a steady pace along with Noble Yeats and Coko Beach.

“The field thins out as they navigate the challenging obstacles, with some horses struggling to keep up with the leaders. Meanwhile, Eldorado Allen and Foxy Jacks make strong moves to join the leading pack, while Capodanno and Janidil maintain their positions within striking distance.

“Approaching the final stretch, Minella Indo and Delta Work continue to lead the way, with Galvin making a determined effort to challenge for the top spot. Noble Yeats and Coko Beach fight to stay in contention, while Eldorado Allen and Foxy Jacks push forward in pursuit of the leaders.

“In a thrilling finish, Minella Indo digs deep to hold off a late surge from Delta Work and Galvin, crossing the finish line first to claim victory in the Grand National. Delta Work secures second place, narrowly edging out Galvin in a photo finish. Noble Yeats and Coko Beach round out the top five, with the rest of the field finishing strong in this epic test of skill and endurance.”

Where Will The Winning 2024 Grand National Horse Be Trained?

Betting on the Grand National these days isn’t just confined to picking the winner. There are many other associated markets for horse racing punters to hunt out and one of those is where the winning horse is trained.

This year the field size has been reduced to 34 (from 40) by the British Horse Racing Authority due to safety reasons. 

However, a massive 26 of the expected top 34 entries are Irish-trained and despite last year’s race being won by Scottish-based handler Lucinda Russell, the race has still produced four winners from Ireland since 2018. 

In fact, with another Scottish winner in 2017 (One For Arthur), you have to go back to Many Clouds, for Oliver Sherwood in 2015, to find the last Great Britain-trained Grand National winner. 

Therefore, when ChatGPT was asked this question, it was no shock to see them opt for Ireland. Here’s the response. 

What Country Will The 2024 Grand National Winner Come From?

“Predicting the country of origin for the winning horse in the Grand National involves considering the historical performance of horses from each nation, as well as current trends and the quality of entries in a given year. Here’s a speculative prediction:

“Given the strong tradition and expertise in steeplechase racing, as well as the depth of talent among Irish trainers and jockeys, it’s quite likely that the winning horse will hail from Ireland. Irish horses have consistently performed well in the Grand National, with many recent winners and strong contenders originating from Ireland.

“However, Great Britain also boasts a rich heritage in horse racing, and British-trained horses are always formidable contenders in the Grand National. With skilled trainers and jockeys, as well as a strong pool of talented horses, Great Britain could certainly produce the winning horse.

“Wales and Scotland, while also having their own horse racing traditions, may face stiffer competition from the powerhouse racing nations of Ireland and Great Britain. While it’s not impossible for a Welsh or Scottish-trained horse to win the Grand National, it would likely be considered a surprise upset.

“In summary, while all four nations could potentially produce the winning horse, Ireland and Great Britain are the most probable contenders, with Ireland having a slight edge based on recent trends and performances.”

Who Will Be The Highest-Placed Female Jockey In The 2024 Grand National?

This year it looks like a three-way battle between Miss Gina Andrews, who has been booked to ride Latenightpass, previous winner of the race Blackmore, who has picked Minella Indo, and Miss Lucy Turner on Chambard. 

Latenightpass won the Cross Country race at the Cheltenham December Meeting earlier this season and also landed the 2022 Foxhunters over these unique National fences – so we know the course suits. 

Chambard is another proven winner over these fences, having won the Becher Chase here back in December and gets in with a featherweight. He’ll be looking to become the first 12 year-old winner since Amberleigh House in 2004.

The Top Lady Rider In The 2024 Grand National Will Be?

“Predicting which female rider will finish in the highest place in the 2024 Grand National involves considering various factors such as the skill and experience of the jockey, the quality of the horse they are riding, and the unpredictable nature of the race itself.

“Rachael Blackmore, who rode the 2021 Grand National winner, Minella Times, has demonstrated exceptional skill and success in major horse racing events. Her experience and track record make her a formidable competitor in any race, including the Grand National. Riding Minella Indo in the 2024 race, she is likely to be a strong contender for a high-placed finish.

“Gina Andrews and Lucy Turner are also talented jockeys, and their performance in the Grand National will depend on various factors, including the quality of their horses and their ability to navigate the demanding course. While both Andrews, riding Latenightpass, and Turner, riding Chambard, have the potential to perform well, they may face tough competition from Blackmore and other experienced riders in the field.

“Given Blackmore’s track record and the quality of the horse she is riding, it’s plausible to predict that she may finish in the highest place among the female riders in the 2024 Grand National. However, as with any horse race, outcomes can be unpredictable, and factors such as horse form, race tactics, and track conditions will ultimately determine the final results.”

Which 2024 Grand National Fence Will Prove The Toughest?

With 30 Grand National fences to jump, negotiating the unique Aintree obstacles is always key to success or failure. 

Some of the fences are famous in their own rights including Becher’s Brook, The Chair, Valentine’s Brook, The Canal Turn, and Foinavon.

We asked AI to assess the 2024 Grand National fences and highlight the ones that might pose the most problems.

Becher’s Brook The Fence AI Fears Might Have The Most Incidents 

Which 2024 Grand National Fence Will Be Trickiest?

Assessing which of the iconic Grand National fences is likely to see the most fallers in the 2024 race at Aintree involves considering several factors, including the historical performance of horses at each fence, the configuration of the course, and the specific challenges posed by each obstacle.

Becher’s Brook: “Becher’s Brook is one of the most famous fences on the Grand National course, known for its steep drop on the landing side. Its unique characteristics make it a daunting challenge for horses and jockeys, and it has historically seen a significant number of fallers and unseated riders.

The Chair: The Chair is the tallest fence on the Grand National course, and its size and imposing stature make it a formidable obstacle for horses to negotiate. While it doesn’t typically see as many fallers as some of the other fences, its height and technical difficulty can still result in significant challenges for competitors.

Foinavon: Foinavon gained notoriety during the 1967 Grand National when a pile-up at the fence led to one of the biggest upsets in the race’s history. While it may not be as difficult as some of the other fences on the course, its history and the potential for incidents make it a focal point for spectators and analysts alike.

Canal Turn: Canal Turn is another challenging obstacle on the Grand National course, requiring horses to make a sharp right turn immediately after landing. The combination of the jump and the turn can catch out inexperienced or tired horses, leading to potential falls or unseated riders.

Valentine’s Brook: Valentine’s Brook is known for its distinctive shape, with a wide ditch on the takeoff side and a brook on the landing side. Its unique design presents a different challenge to horses compared to some of the other fences, and it has seen its fair share of incidents over the years.

Considering these factors, it’s difficult to predict with certainty which of the Grand National fences will see the most fallers in the 2024 race. Each obstacle presents its own set of challenges, and the outcome will depend on factors such as weather conditions, the quality of the field, and the performance of individual horses and jockeys on the day of the race.

However, historically, Becher’s Brook has often seen the highest number of fallers due to its unique characteristics and the difficulty of the drop on the landing side. Therefore, it’s plausible that Becher’s Brook could once again see the most incidents in the 2024 Grand National, though this is ultimately speculative and subject to change based on race day conditions and other variables.

Will Protesters Delay The Grand National Again?

The Grand National is the biggest horse race on the planet and with that comes mega media attention across the globe. Meaning, the event is a perfect target for any protesters.

This came to the fore 12 months ago when animal rights protesters got on the Aintree track in the build-up to the race – delaying the start time by over 15 minutes.

So, with the Liverpool track sure to be on high alert again in 2024 – we asked ChatGPT if more of the same is on the cards ahead of the scheduled 4pm race on Saturday?

AI Expects Protesters To Be A ‘Legitimate Concern’ For The Aintree Track Officials

Will The Grand National Be Disrupted By Protesters?

“The potential for disruptions by horse racing protesters and animal rights activists during the Grand National is a topic of concern for race organizers, participants, and spectators alike. The events of 2023, where the start of the race was delayed due to protests, have raised awareness of the possibility of similar disruptions in future editions of the event.

“While it’s impossible to predict with certainty whether protests will occur during the 2024 Grand National, it’s essential to consider the factors that may influence such actions. Animal rights activists and some members of the public have raised ethical concerns about the treatment of horses in horse racing, particularly regarding issues such as injury rates, fatalities, and the use of the whip.

“These concerns, coupled with the high-profile nature of the Grand National and its large audience, create a platform for activists to raise awareness of their cause. Social media and other communication channels also make it easier for activists to organize and mobilize support for protests.

“Race organizers typically work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of participants and spectators during the event. Measures may include increased security presence, surveillance, and communication strategies to manage potential disruptions effectively.

“In light of the protests that occurred in 2023, race organizers may take additional precautions to mitigate the risk of disruptions during the 2024 Grand National. This could involve dialogue with activists, preemptive communication about race safety and horse welfare measures, and contingency plans to address any disruptions that may arise.

“Ultimately, while the potential for protests during the Grand National is a legitimate concern, it’s essential to balance the rights of activists to express their views with the smooth and safe conduct of the race. Race organizers, law enforcement agencies, and activists all play a role in ensuring that the event can proceed without compromising the welfare of participants, horses, or spectators.”

How Many Horses Will Finish The 2024 Grand National? 

In addition to the traditional method of simply betting on a horse to win the Grand National, there are also a number of ‘specials’ markets the bookmakers offer and one of these is – how many horses will finish. 

Given there are now a maximum of 34 runners (down from 40) this has changed the landscape of this bet slightly, but the bigger factor in 2024 could be the soft/heavy ground. 

Last year, when Corach Rambler landed the Aintree showcase race, he led home 17 finishers – with 22 runners failing to complete for various reasons. 

However, that race was run on ‘good-to-soft’ ground and with conditions expected to be a lot more testing on Saturday this surely has to be factored in here. 

The last time the race was run on heavy ground was in 2018, when Tiger Roll won the first of his two Grand Nationals and that year only 12 horses completed the course (from 38 runners). 

So, with this in mind, we pumped in the 2024 race conditions and asked ChatGPT – how many horses will finish the 2024 Grand National?  

AI Predicts Between 10-15 Horses Will Complete The 2024 Grand National

How Many Horses Will Finish?

“Given the likelihood of soft or heavy ground conditions for the 2024 Grand National and the precedent set by the 2018 race, where only 12 horses finished on heavy ground, it’s reasonable to expect a similar outcome this year. Soft or heavy ground can significantly increase the challenge and demands of the race, making it more difficult for horses to navigate the course and maintain their stamina.

“Considering the historical precedent and the impact of ground conditions on horse performance, it’s plausible to predict that a relatively low number of horses will finish the 2024 Grand National. Therefore, it’s likely that around 10 to 15 horses will complete the course on Saturday, April 13th. However, this is just an estimate, and actual outcomes may vary depending on numerous factors such as weather conditions, horse and jockey performance, and the specific challenges of the course on the day of the race.”

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