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10 Ten Gaming Take Step Closer To Launching Online Casino In USA

Louis Fargher

The online gambling industry across North America will see a fresh addition, as 10 Ten Gaming prepares its online casino launch with SchweepCasino.com.

10 Ten Gaming Online Casino Launch

The online gambling site will work as a social casino, allowing users to play all the games in the site and not pay any money to do so.

It will function as a casino for sweepstakes, meaning SchweepsCasino.com will let players win a variety of cash prices through a ‘premium currency’ which are not available to purchase in store.

Users can get this currency through different methods, including bonuses, events or randomly generated selections made by the operator.

The premium currency can be used on the site by users and the winnings can be used through the store to claim different prizes.

Following the sweepstakes genre has been a full-proof method in North America, as several states boast tight laws and bans for casinos to function.

Some of the strictest states in the USA offer sweepstakes casinos and this is largely down to the amount donated to charity through the profits – adding a sense of morality instead of strictly gambling.

The Head of Marketing at 10 Ten Gaming, Carly Sawers, highlighted how the upcoming site will offer a fresh and unique casino experience for US citizens.

They said: “We’re excited to offer something truly unique and look forward to providing a safe and secure environment for customers in the United States to participate in all the fun that social casino has to offer.”

America is not the only country to implement this loophole with local gambling laws, finding a way to offer a casino site without breaking any laws – with Japan also doing something similar since 1920.

ShchweepsCasino.com will be open for users on a range of devices, from desktop to mobile and will continue to implement new games/slots after release – especially with the popular arcade games.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

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