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Elys BMG Open New Sportsbook At Ugly Mug In Washington DC

Louis Fargher

The Ugly Mug restaurant and bar in Washington DC has seen a new addition, as Elys BMG open a new sportsbook in Washington DC.

Elys BMG Open New Sportsbook At Ugly Mug In Washington DC

Elys’ continued objective is to increase the sports wagering market to small businesses in the United States of America.

The decision is still waiting a final accepting vote from the District of Columbia Office of Lottery and Gaming, which if confirmed, will take Elys’ tally of privately owned sportsbooks to four.

The Ugly Mug restaurant has a host of benefits, including the location as it sits near the Nationals Stadium and in the center of Washington DC.

Being so close to huge landmarks like the Marine Barracks and Captitol Hill, means sports betting fans will have easier access to the in-land sportsbook.

Elys has been very active with its opening in recent times, opening a fresh sports books at Santa Claran Casino Resort in New Mexico back in July 2023.

By opening up in New Mexico, customers in the resort could now place bets on a variety of sports through the Elys Sportsbook Bar and Grill.

Huge progress was made in 2023, as Elys agreed a partnership with an IT company called Engage IT Services and the deal is believed to help merge Engage into ore Elys business ventures.

Executive Chairman of Elys, Michele Ciavarella, believes the new relationship with Engage will help push the company to success.

She said: “With the acquisition of Engage, we fulfill our strategy of creating a prominent in-house engineering base for the Group.

“Engage brings the perfect blend of engineering excellence, overlapping corporate culture and regional presence that we are confident will make a lasting positive impact on Elys, leveraging their resources and years of experience to expand our service offerings and enhance our services to our customers and employees.”

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

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