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SIS Agrees Partnership With Bet365 To Open Esports Markets In Kentucky

Louis Fargher

SIS agrees partnership with Bet365 to open In Kentucky in another boost for bettors in the region.

SIS Agrees Partnership With Bet365

SIS is continuing to increase its grasp in the esports betting industry and opening up in Kentucky will open opportunities to grab a larger audience that can utilize the competitive gaming aspect.

The Chief Executive of SIS and President of SIS Content Services, Richard Ames, has applauded the move to Kentucky and increasing the number of states to three.

He said: “To grow our esports content across the US has been an aim of ours for some time, and to be able to expand our competitive gaming product into a third US state showcases how we are well-placed to deliver engaging wagering experiences to bettors.”

Prior to the move into Kentucky, SIS had made positive openings in New Jersey and Colorado, creating esports markets in both states.

In an ever growing industry, SIS’ H2H Global Gaming League maintains its a place at the top by hosting over 150 thousand events a year.

According to SIS, the competitive gaming content that’s issued from its site is created within its realm and is produced from the gaming studios in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

It has risen to such popularity through a list of features, boasting a low latencey live stream, evident ESIC-trained referees for each game, sleek on-screen graphics and live commentary.

The site also has some of the best options for betting in the esports scene and offers unique betting prompts for the best customer engagement.

Many have praised the move, as Kentucky is known for its affiliation to basketball and Michele Fischer, SIS Content Services Vice President has been vocal on the positive introduction.

She said: “As Kentucky is a basketball state, we are confident that our ebasketball product will provide an elevated experience for the bettors on the bet365 platform,”

“Our offices are located in Louisville, so it is meaningful to be part of the sports betting infrastructure in our home state.”

Sports betting was legalized in the state of Kentucky during September 2023 and has generated $447.8 million in betting handle from retail and mobile bets.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

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