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Carl Froch Exclusive: Fury should look in the mirror after Jake Paul comment; Fury would be an idiot to trash talk Usyk

Owen Fulda

Fury should look in the mirror after Jake Paul comment

In an exclusive interview with InstantCasinos.com, former Super Middleweight World Champion Carl Froch slammed Tyson Fury once again, this time for describing Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul as fantastic for boxing.

Froch also warned Fury that he risks making himself look very stupid against Oleksandr Usyk when they meet in May. The Cobra reserved plenty of praise, however, for the classy way in which Anthony Joshua spoke after knocking out Francis Ngannou.

Interview Highlights:

  • Fury is absolutely wrong – Paul vs Tyson is terrible for boxing
  • Usyk will make Gypsy King look stupid if he does one thing
  • Joshua did himself proud with classy speech after Ngannou win

Fury should look in the mirror after Jake Paul comment

Carl Froch was left flabbergasted after hearing that Tyson Fury was supporting Jake Paul’s bid to fight Mike Tyson in July. Froch urged the Gypsy King to look in the mirror and had some angry words for Paul too;

Carl Froch: “No, it’s not good for boxing. For Tyson Fury to say that it’s good for boxing…he needs to look in the mirror, have a look at what he’s done, have a look at what professional fighters do and what they go through, and then think to himself, this is Jake Paul, a performing clown jumping in there with a 57-year-old man, who is a legend and an icon in professional boxing.

“He’s an absolute f**king idiot for fighting Mike Tyson. It’s wrong. It should be stopped. Listen, I hope Tyson goes in there for 30 seconds, unleashes hell on Jake Paul, flattens him and does boxing proud. Jake Paul’s been dead disrespectful as well in his build up. He’s been biting ears off and trying to mimic Mike Tyson and copy him. I just don’t find it funny. If he had any bollocks about him, he’d fight me, wouldn’t he? I’d love to punch his teeth down the back of his throat.”

Fury would be an idiot to trash talk Usyk

Froch has seen through Fury’s decision to talk up Usyk’s skills ahead of their May showdown and adds that the WBC champ will be left with egg on his face if he tries to trash talk the Ukrainian;

Carl Froch: “I think if Fury tries to give Usyk too much stick, downplay his achievements and write him off as not being a heavyweight and not being a very good boxer, he’s going to make himself look stupid. It’s going to look ridiculous. So if Tyson Fury wants to say he’s rubbish, he’s this, he’s that, he’s a pumped up middleweight, he’s not very good. He’s just making himself look like an idiot.

“So he’s got to give him some credit. And deep down, I think he knows he’s in trouble. So he’s got to give some respect where respect’s due. But part of his game usually is to downplay his opponent, write him off, get inside his head, upset him in the ring. He did it to Klitschko through the whole fight from round one to round 12. He won’t get away with that with Usyk. I think his bang in trouble, he’s going to be in a really hard fight.”

Joshua showed class after Ngannou KO

Anthony Joshua continued his winning streak by demolishing Francis Ngannou in Riyadh and Froch was impressed with AJ’s lack of celebration, as well as his choice of words in the ring after the fight;

Carl Froch: “I thought he was classy in the way in which he won. I thought he spoke really well. He mentioned Rob McCracken and he thanked all his previous trainers, which was nice. I thought he’d did himself proud. It was a very good performance from AJ but it was an awful performance from Ngannou. He said he fell asleep in the changing room before. I don’t know what was going on or what was wrong with him.

“You have to give AJ credit. You can’t just piss on his parade because he’s wiped him out and he’s only had two fights. Ngannou gave Tyson Fury a good fight. AJ went in there knowing that he’d given Tyson Fury a good fight. So he had to get in there and believe in himself. He had to throw his punches with conviction, follow through with his shots and turn the punch through, which he’s started doing now.”

Owen Fulda

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