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Laughlin Casino Handed $500,000 Fine By Nevada Regulators After Security Incident


Nevada gambling regulators fined a Laughlin-based hotel-casino $500,000 following a pair of incidents involving its security guards, with tensions flaring on both occasions. 

Laughlin Casino Fined After Security Misconduct

The Nevada Gaming Commission has settled two separate incidents in which four members of Riverside Resort’s security staff were charged by police with physical force and false imprisonment of a colleague.

False Accusation Of Drug Use

All the way back in August 2022, a Riverside employee was falsely accused of smoking marijuana during his shift at the casino, after a complaint. The worker denied the accusation, and a HR officer told security to send him home, with an investigation to follow.

However, one security guard told the employee that he should take a drug test or resign. This led to an argument, in which the security guard told the employee that he was fired.

The employee then tried to leave, but two security guards blocked his exit. He then tried to push past them to get out of the casino, but was pulled to the ground by four members of the security team. One guard proceeded to punch him at least five times as he lay helpless on the ground.

In March 2023, the Justice Court of Laughlin Township issued arrest warrants for all four of the security officers.

Mocking Player’s Accent

In what was a separate incident, security officers were called to remove a patron from the casino, after he refused to do so. He had been using a slot machine, before an accounting procedure interrupted his game.

The player tried to challenge the decision on him asking being asked to leave, but eventually did so. But as he approached the exit, one of the guards mocked his accent.

He then confronted the accent-mocking officer, and he was wrestled to the ground and placed in handcuffs. The player was injured during the incident, requiring medical attention.

The officers were eventually found to break resort policy in both incidents, with Laughlin receiving a record $500,000 fine as a result of its misconduct.


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