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Gambling Podcasts: The Top Ten Gambling Podcasts You Must Follow In 2024

Ben Horlock

Over the last ten years, the popularity in podcasts has skyrocketed. More notably, keen listeners are tuning into the ever-growing variety of gambling podcasts which are readily available. 

In fact, podcasts are quickly becoming a #1 choice for seasoned bettors to keep up to date with all the goings on in the gambling community. Many will listen to podcasts to learn new strategies and techniques, as well as listen to top advice from the pros.

With that in mind, what are the ten gambling podcasts you must follow in 2024? Scroll down and take a look as we analyse the best ones in terms of entertainment factor as well as those that captivate and inform the ever growing audience.

The Top Ten Gambling Podcasts In 2024

10. Beating The Book With Gill Alexander

If sports betting is your niche, then Beating The Book With Gill Alexander is definitely worth subscribing to. The host of VSiN’s A Numbers Game, Gill offers a wealth of knowledge and experience on NFL, college football, MLB, golf and horse racing to name but a few.

Gill combines current sports talk/topics with well researched stats which in turn, provides listeners with vital information to help them beat the book. Gill also takes an in depth look at current gambling strategies and trends.

Twitter/X – 53.6k

9. The Betting Predators | Sports Betting Podcast

These guys do pretty much what their name implies! The Betting Predators seek out and hunt down the best bets for their growing audience of listeners. Often with great results, too. They currently provide one episode a week with an average duration of 40 minutes.

Therefore, there really is a little bit of something for everyone who enjoys sports betting. They don’t just identify the best bets, they’ll also provide top class analyse of the weeks hot topics and talking points.

Twitter/X – 1.8K

8. Gambling News Brief

The Gambling News Brief is a must-have for those interested in finding out the latest online casino news from across North America and Europe. The Betting News Quick podcast has gained a solid reputation in recent times and continues to blossom.

Constantly updated with fresh and current news topics, Betting News Quick is made by the fans, for the fans. There’s no fluff or nonsense here, just quality information from experts in the industry.

Twitter/X – 5.4K

7. Even Money | NFL Gambling Podcast

Most NFL fanatics will be more than familiar with Even Money – which is hosted by former offensive lineman Ross Tucker and pro sports bettor Steve Fezzik. Unsurprisingly, the duo provide a unique insight into NFL betting. And their results are often remarkable.

Using the latest mathematical techniques, statistics and probability, Even Money really does provide listeners with an advantage to land some handsome returns from NFL betting.

Twitter/X – 274.4k

6. Gambling Guys

If it’s entertainment and laughs you are seeking in a podcast, then the Gambling Guys are for you. Even their names, Parlay Pete and David Casino should indicate what their podcast is all about. They really do offer a more lighthearted approach.

However, arguments and debates are a mainstay in their podcasts. They share brilliant stories, bets and generally offer top class amusement. Why do they do all this? For their love of sports and gambling.

Twitter/X – 10.6k

The Five Best Gambling Podcasts In 2024

5. WagerTalk Podcast

Based in Las Vegas, the WagerTalk Podcast provides a brilliant insight into the thrill of winning and look over how their listeners can make the best possible bets. The show is hosted on a weekly basis and is definitely worth subscribing to.

WagerTalk use handicapping experts to provide the best betting odds and sports predictions to help their listeners maximise their winnings. Again, their results are very impressive.

Twitter/X – 59.9k

4. Sports Gambling Podcast

Over four decades of experience is provided to the listeners of the Sports Gambling Podcast via Sean Green and Ryan Kramer. The well respected duo offer a wealth of knowledge in regards to sports gambling – they take a well rounded look at anything and everything. 

Analysis, advice, opinions, news stories, fantasy sports previews and betting strategies are just some of the areas that are covered in their 90-minute long shows. Their podcast is one of the finest out there.

Twitter/X – 23K

3. The OJO Show

This podcast really is a winning bet when it comes to mixing fun, learning and all things casino-related. The OJO Show is hosted by pro gambler Dan Grant, who teams up with PlayOJO Casino to offer listeners a first-class insight into how to bring their A-game to the table.

Responsible gambling is a fundamental part to Grant’s podcast and he offers listeners plenty of tactical advice on how to win big and have fun at the same time. He is essentially an encyclopedia of casino knowledge.

Twitter/X – 32.6k

The Best Two Gambling Podcasts You Must Follow In 2024

2. VSiN Best Bets

Similar to Gill Alexander, VSiN’s Best Bets Joe Ostrowski covers the NFL, college football, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, and horse racing. He seeks the best insight, knowledge and experience from the most reputable sports bettors in the industry. He is borderline militant with everything he covers on his podcast.

Whether you are a relative newbie or a seasoned pro sports bettor, VSiN’s Best Bets is hugely educational and entertaining. Joe is extremely knowledgeable and highly respected.

Twitter/X – 93.2K

1. The Sal Vetri Show | Fantasy Sports & Sports Betting

The #1 gambling podcast you must follow in 2024 is the Sal Vetri Show. Sal is a leading name in the sports betting and fantasy sports industry and provides the latest news, views, betting tips and much, much more. Like many of the podcasts suggested in this article, Sal knows his stuff.

To date, he has over 1,200 shows with most of his recent offerings centred around fantasy sports with a healthy dose of standard sports betting podcasts for good measure. If you don’t already subscribe, do so now.

Twitter/X – 129.3K

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