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Ricky Hatton Interview: Ali & co turning in their graves watching Jake Paul v Mike Tyson

Owen Fulda

In an exclusive interview with InstantCasinos.com, ex-world champion Ricky Hatton gave his ruthless opinion on what Jake Paul is bringing to the boxing world. 

The Hitman also had encouraging words for Conor Benn. Believing the boxer should be given a second chance by the BBBofC & baiting Gervonta Davis to accept the fight on the table against the Brit. 

Interview highlights:

  • Boxing greats will be turning in their graves watching Jake Paul
  • BBBofC should give Benn benefit of the doubt
  • Conor Benn would be a dream fight for Gervonta Davis and US boxing fans


Ali & co will be turning in their graves watching Jake Paul v Mike Tyson

Hatton laments the scripted publicity stunts that YouTuber Jake Paul has brought to the boxing world. And has a cause for concern in the lead up to Paul v Tyson;

Ricky Hatton: “I get the pushing and the shoving and the name calling and holding each other back, but some of the great champions of old will be turning in the grave watching that cr*p to be honest with you.

I’ll be turning in my grave and watching it myself. But, I’ve got my eyes open in the sense that this is the world that we’re in now.

We’re in the entertainment business. YouTubers against MMA and MMA against boxers, I think that world can exist. As long as fights like Garcia, Crawford and Spence, Fury and Usyk happen. As long as those fights are made, they can stay in their world and we’ll stay in our world. 

Both can exist, I’m not turning around and saying, ‘oh, this is a joke’. We’re in the entertainment world, that’s the reason why they {YouTubers} have the followings they have, because people want to see it. But let them have their world and we’ll have our world.”

Conor Benn deserves second chance off BBBofC 

Back in November Conor Benn was denied his application to box Chris Eubank Jr by the British Boxing Board of Control. But Hatton now believes it is time for the BBBofC to give Benn a second chance;

Hatton: “I think he {Benn} should get his license back.

Connor has said, ‘I’ve got caught, I didn’t know. It wasn’t intentional what I’m doing and I’m a fighting man like my dad’, which I truly believe. I’ve had this conversation with Nigel {Benn}, and it’s been very hard for Connor. But he’s gone through the right areas, and he deserves the backing now and a second chance.

Let’s give him {Conor} the benefit of the doubt. He’s had his slap on the wrist, he can’t box in England at the minute. He’s suffering for whether he was guilty or not guilty.

I believe he was not guilty. I think he deserves a second chance, not just because of the name, but the fights he can be involved in for British fight fans and the British public. It doesn’t matter whether it was right or whether it was wrong, how much of a telling off are we going to give the poor kid?”

Hatton urges Gervonta to take Hearn’s $10m offer to fight Conor Benn

Gervonta Davis took to social media to publicly snub Eddie Hearn’s $10m offer for him to fight Conor Benn this month. However, similar to Hatton v Mayweather all those years ago, ‘the Hitman’ believes underdog Benn has the fan base to take it to the American;

Hatton: “There’s some great fights and Conor’s big.

But when you think of Gervonta Davis and people like that, they’re pound for pound. There were people in the pound for pound rankings when I was fighting, Mayweather and the boxers ranked above me. 

“I had the following and the fan base, which is what Conor’s got. He’s got the charisma, the name, the following, the ferociousness. Gervonta Davis, who progress-wise, is ahead of Conor in the rankings. However, Conor would be a dream for him and American Fight fans. Imagine Conor going over there to fight Gervonta!”

Owen Fulda

Owen is an experienced and established sports journalist who has worked in the industry for well over a decade. Having graduated from News Associates, he has subsequently featured in publications from the UK to Australia, including the Daily Star and the Express. Prior to this he sharpened his knowledge of online bookmaking at EasyOdds and wrote various features at KCW Today. He specialises in football, cricket and NFL but has knowledge of virtually all sports.