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The Cloudiest Countries In The World: UK And Ireland In The Top Ten

Ben Horlock

Have you ever wondered what the cloudiest countries in the world are? Fear not as here at InstantCasinos.com, we have the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the United Kingdom and Ireland make the top ten list. There are some more genuine surprise inclusions though.

On the topic of the UK and Ireland, we used data from extremeweatherwatch.com to look at where they rank on several aspects of weather in Europe and across the World. 

The Average UK Person Spends 64 Years Of Their Life Under Grey Clouds

UK Cloud

It may or may not come as a surprise but the average UK person spends 64 years of their life under grey clouds. This is based on the average life expectancy of 81 years of age.

To provide a clearer breakdown, that accumulates to an average of 762 months, 3,311 weeks, 23,176 days and 556,261 hours under cloudy conditions. No wonder Brits are so unhappy! 

In fact, the United Kingdom is officially number two when it comes to the unhappiest countries in the world. The bleak weather conditions are almost certainly a huge factor in that.

Over the course of a year, 78.4% is spent under clouds in the UK. The happiest country in the world, the Dominican Republic, has just 43.2% of cloud cover per year. This correlation certainly suggests clouds can equal unhappiness. 

In terms of Europe, the UK is the fourth cloudiest in the continent and 8th in the world. Scroll down to see the full top ten list of the cloudiest countries globally. 

The Ten Cloudiest Countries In The World (Cloud vs Sun % over a year)

World Cloud

How does the UK compare when it comes to wetness? For the whole of Europe, the UK takes the number one spot as the wettest country with 48.4 inches of rain per year.

The wettest and dampest months of the UK are October (13.7 cm), November (13.6 cm) and December (13.6 cm) – which is to be expected. May and April are the driest months of the year.

The Average Irish Person Spends 64.5 Years Of Their Life In Grey Weather

Irish Cloud

Compared to the United Kingdom, the average Irish person spends 64.5 years of their life in grey weather. This is based on the average life expectancy of 82.

Ireland spends 80.1% of the year with cloudiness. This is almost 2% more than the UK. Iceland, Greenland and Norway are the only countries in Europe which are cloudier than Ireland.

Globally, Ireland comes in at number five – three places higher than the UK. Therefore, it’s no huge surprise to see Ireland placed in the top ten list of unhappiest countries (8).

In terms of the wettest countries in Europe, Ireland places second – with the UK taking top spot. Over the course of a year, the Irish entertain 47.9 inches of rain per year.

Compared to the UK, Ireland experiences more cloud cover but it’s drier and warmer on a yearly basis. Plus, the Irish population aren’t as unhappy as their fellow Brits. Also, Poland enjoys a higher average temperature than the UK.


Head of PR for InstantCasinos.com Liam Solomon shared his thoughts on the data and results: “First and foremost, its no huge surprise to see the UK listed as number two in terms of the unhappiest countries in the world. Of course, bad weather conditions play their part and the grey and cloudy correlation to this makes perfect sense. As well as the cost of living crisis!

I did find it slightly surprising that Ireland is slightly warmer and drier all year around – but I wasn’t surprised to see a higher percentage of cloud cover.”

Ben Horlock

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