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Who Are The Most Popular Casino Gambling Twitch Streamers In March 2024?

Louis Fargher

Twitch has become a place for gambling content over recent years, as streamers show their bets as they happen – but who are the best gambling Twitch streamers?

Best Gambling Twitch Streamers: March 2024

Casino Daddy

First on the list is Casino Daddy, who continues to be one of the leading Twitch streamers for gambling and is made up of three men from Sweden.

Erik, Mathias and Karl combined their high-rolling moves with general entertainment and have streamed for 480 hours in the last 30 days.

Boasting 202 thousand followers on Twitch, Casino Daddy is one of the most popular places for gambling on the live streaming site.

Averaging around two thousand viewers per stream, Casino Daddy hit their peak in 2019 when eight thousand people tuned in to see their poker, slots and high-stakes content.

Their biggest win came in 2022, as they won $900,915 on the Nitropolis 3 slot game and their biggest win in 2024 came last month – picking up $400,00 on Zeus vs Hades God Of War.

Daniel Negreanu

Next on the list is Daniel Negreanu, who has become a huge name in the poker scene and dominates World Series of Poker events.

The poker star often hands out tips and tricks to his fans, while also appearing on the Poker247 Twitch channel – which has 103 thousand followers.

Negreanu’s biggest win sits at $3.3 million, which he picked up at Super Bowl LVII High Roller event and added to his eight world championship wins.

Angel Melly

Angel Melly is an Australian YouTuber, singer, gamer, and social media personality, securing fame through her twitch streams around gambling.

She has entertained viewers through a casino games and poker, helping accumulate a net worth of $1.5 million – alongside her earnings through video games.

Angel Melly started her account in 2015 and has gained 300,000 followers – ranking as the most popular female casino streamer.


MOE_TV is not just a gambling streamer, as he also plays video games on his Twitch page and has amassed 900 thousand followers.

His gambling comes through slot machines, and works in collaboration with several casino sites – gifting huge bonuses to his viewers.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

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