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Intralot And FanDuel To Provide Sports Betting Services For Washington DC Lottery

Louis Fargher

Washington DC lottery has finalized an agreement with Intralot and FanDuel to have sports betting markets within the state.

Intralot And FanDuel Strike Deal With Washington DC Lottery

FanDuel was given the green light to open in Washington DC, as The Office of Lottery and Gaming in Washington DC confirmed their decision – as well as other operators.

The betting operator will direct their costs/payments to the Washington DC lottery and the deal will give a ‘per annum’ revenue to the site.

Intralot and FanDuel will allow their trusted gaming features to be used on the Washington DC lottery – primarily through sports betting.

This deal will aim to broaden FanDuel’s sales in the online world, reaching more states within the USA and will also see a rise in income for Washington DC.

People living in the state will now be able to use the full FanDuel service, opening the mobile app, in-person betting and the FanDuel site.

Each member expect the FanDuel app to be available during the spring and will be exclusive to those within Washington DC.

OLG Executive Director, Frank Suarez, said: “FanDuel’s industry-leading offering will ensure that the District maximizes tax revenue under its existing contracts this year while delivering a best-in-class experience for 18+ residents.”

Intralot will be tasked with paying the opening $5 million to open the sports betting site in Washington DC – an amount that will cover additional costs.

Revenue in the state is expected to increase from sports betting and should fund a variety of programmes/general areas.

Smaller businesses in Washington are also expected to benefit from this increase in revenue, as they work in collaboration with the Certified Business Enterprises.

However, GambetDC will take a massive hit with this latest duel, as the betting operator will be pushed away to make room for FanDuel kiosks.

FanDuel is continuing to increase its authority in the sports gambling scene, after taking BeyondPlay to improve the products progression.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

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