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Caesars Sportsbook NHL Markets Launch

Louis Fargher

Caesars Sportsbook NHL markets have been launched in partnership with Simplebet ahead of the upcoming National Hockey League postseason.

Caesars Sportsbook NHL Markets

Brand new in-game NHL markets have been revealed by Simplebet for the upcoming postseason and these new options will be usable throughout March.

Simplebet is one of the leading sites for micro-betting and will work in tandem with Caesars Sportsbook to provide markets for the rest of the 2023-24 season in Hockey’s top league.

Sports bettors will be able to get involved with action as it happens on Simplebet, as a host of fresh markets will be available to select.

The new markets are as follows; next power play result, team next power play result, next goal exact, next goal strength, next goal strength team, next goal strength, next faceoff winner, next faceoff winning team and next shot on goal team.

The CEO of Simplebet, Chris Bevilacqua, has been vocal on the impact these new markets will have on sports betting in the NHL.

He said: “The launch of our NHL product marks another massive accomplishment for the entire Simplebet team.

“We have always believed there was untapped potential when it came to in-play betting in such a popular, global league like the NHL, and the nine brand new in-play markets we are delivering this year will prove that.

“As we have seen with other sports, our micro-markets are driving incremental engagement and consumption of live sporting events. We look forward to creating a new way for fans to interact with the NHL for the remainder of this season.”

Simplebet’s new markets will be open to the majority of sports bettors in North America, while also reaching Ontario in Canada.

Caesars sportsbook NHL Markets are live and will soon be active for those NHL betting fans who prefer to use Bet99 and theScoreBet.

Simplebet and Caesars will work in partnership to provide NHL fans with the best betting experience, and COO and Head of Sports at Caesars Digital has explained how the relationship will benefit users.

“We love bringing our customers new, exciting markets to better experience the exhilaration of live sports.

“Simplebet’s real-time in-play NHL betting markets are a perfect way for Caesars Sportsbook to bring hockey fans closer to the ice, and we’re happy to be the first in the industry to offer them to players.”

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

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