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Detroit Casinos Make $105million In Revenue During February 2024

Louis Fargher

Detroit Casino Revenue for February stands at $104.63million, according to figures revealed.

Detroit Casino Revenue Up To $105million

Detroit boasts three of America’s best casinos, the Hollywood Casino, MotorCity Casino Hotel and MGM Grand Detroit.

MotorCity Casino is the oldest from the three as it opened in September 1999, with the MGM Grand originally opening in July 1999 but moving from its original spot to a more luxurious building in 2007.

Between the three casinos, they have generated a huge amount of revenue and attention for Detroit – which has increased during February 2024.

The Detroit Casino revenue from February 2024 has actually decreased from the previous year, going down by 0.2% since February 2023.

However, $104.76m was made through the variety of games and slots, which is an 11% increase from January 2024.

These three casinos (Hollywood Casino, MotorCity Casino Hotel and MGM Grand Detroit) paid just under $8.5m in gaming taxes and were also forced to pay $12.5m in wagering taxes/development agreement payments to Detroit.

The casinos offer several ways in which bettors can enjoy their gambling experience, from the traditional casino games to sports betting.

Retail sports betting brought a revenue of $124,853, behind a total handle of $13.2m – leading to a final total of $120,142 in ROP (receipts of negative).

Revenue from sports betting also brings its own taxes, as the trio of casinos had to pay $4,901 in gaming taxes and $5,991 in wagering taxes – due to the increase in sports bets.

Market shares for each casino vary on the success made and revenue earned, with MGM Grand sitting at the highest percentage (47%).

MotorCity has maintained a steady rate of 30% in recent times and Hollywood Casino ranks bottom of the list with 27%.

The three casinos have seen a decrease in revenue over recent years, going down 8.8% year-on-year in January 2024 from 2023.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

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