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Pennsylvania Joining MSIGA If New Bill Gets Approval

James Chittick

A new proposal, HB 2078, will pave the way for Pennsylvania joining MSIGA if it gains approval.

Backed by Rep. George Dunbar, the bill would allow multi-state online poker player pools.

Pennsylvania is one of the US states that offers the most in terms of gambling options. Aside from in-person casinos, the state allows online activities such as sports betting, online poker and online casinos.

But what it does not yet allow is multi-state poker. This means players can access online poker, but only within a pool of players from Pennsylvania.

This latest proposal seeks to change that by joining the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA).

Tabled by Rep. George Dunbar, this proposal would allow for the expansion of online poker by allowing Pennsylvania residents to play against those in other states who have already joined the agreement.

If passed, HB 2078 would see the state gambling regulator, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, oversee these extended online poker activities.

In the proposal, it states: “Within 30 days of the effective date of this subparagraph, request membership in the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association with New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada and any other states that join or have joined the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association. The board shall enter into the interactive agreement on behalf of the Commonwealth.”

Pennsylvania Joining MSIGA Would Boost Online Poker Vertical

Provided the bill is approved, Pennsylvania will join a list of states already agreeing to MSIGA. Players will be able to engage with those in New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, Delaware and Nevada.

And the effect of this proposal will benefit players significantly. Playing with people in different states will help deliver engaging and exciting experiences for poker fans.

Rep. Dunbar’s proposal has gained traction after being referred to the state House’s Gaming Oversight Committee.

And in another potentially big move for the Pennsylvania gambling industry, Sen. Wayne Fontana recently showed support for banning credit cards for online gambling and sports betting.

Last week’s announcement came as Fontana confirmed his intention to introduce a bill that would prohibit the use of credit cards for such gambling activities.

James Chittick
James Chittick