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Arizona Shows Huge Increase After Reaching $706m Thanks To NFL boost

Louis Fargher

Arizona has achieved its second highest sports betting handle since 2021, as the Department of Gaming reveal a $706.3million handle in January – boosted by NFL playoffs.

Arizona NFL Sports Betting Handle

The latter stages of the regular NFL Season and beginning of the playoffs helped accumulate a higher handle for Arizona, as sports betting fans stepped up their activity.

In January 2023 the state reported a handle of $591m and their highest total was in November of last year – reaching $713.5m.

Mobile gambling made up a large percentage of Arizona’s revenue in January, as $68.9m of the $69.3m came through online bets.

It was FanDuel who saw the most amount of revenue through mobile bets in January ($31.2m) and the betting operator accumulated a $258m handle through mobile betting.

DraftKings were not far behind their competitors in relation to mobile betting revenue, receiving $22.5m and a $228.2m handle.

DK were also the leading betting sportsbook in Arizona, with FanDuel also high on the list for betting operators in the state.

BetMGM were also highly popular in Arizona during January, generating $9.6 million in revenue and boasting a handle of $84.6m.

After changing up their operations to ESPN Bet, PENN Sports saw $49.5m worth of bets be made in January 2024 – increasing by double from the previous year.

They also found great success in their free bet schemes, handing out $348,322 and increasing drastically from $201,003 from January last year.

A sportsbook which is specifically used in Arizona is Desert Diamond, and this operator made $344,736 in revenue during January 2024.

A noticeable sign is the increase when compared to last year, which is highlighted by Arizona making $4.6m in privilege fees – an increase of just under $2m from 2023.

Bet365 was released in Arizona for the first time in February 2024 and was allowed in after Fubo Sportsbook had to end its run in October 2022.

In contrast, WynnBet is no longer available in Arizona after failing to readjust and the operator had to close n seven other states.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

Louis is a news and features writer, specializing in gambling and sports. Louis has contributed different forms of content for professional sports teams, whilst acquiring a degree in journalism in the UK and has years of writing experience within the gambling industry.