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The Biggest Blackjack Wins: The Five Largest Wins From The World Famous Casino Game

Ben Horlock

Blackjack is by far the most popular and all-time favorite for keen bettors and those looking for the biggest blackjack wins. Its simplicity makes it easy and fun for millions to enjoy across the world.

In recent times, online casino games are thriving and none more so than blackjack. Players can enjoy the banking game from the comfort of their own home or in land-based casinos.

As blackjack’s popularity continued to boom, so did the number of players who have enjoyed some astronomical wins. Many have picked up six and seven figure returns.

With this in mind, it begs the question – what are the biggest blackjack wins of all-time? Here at InstantCasinos.com, we take a look at five of the largest blackjack wins in history.

The Five Biggest Blackjack Wins

5. Dana White – $2Million

UFC CEO and president Dana White isn’t somebody who is short of a few dollars. It is widely reported that White has an estimated fortune of $500m.

Although, his $2m blackjack win in 2014 is still highly impressive. White is a seasoned blackjack player and was banned from casinos for card counting prior to his sizeable win.

The face of UFC landed his huge win and reportedly gave the dealers a $200,000 tip. White has won several huge amounts and many believe his largest win was over $7m in one night whilst playing in Las Vegas.

4. Ken Uston – $4.5Million

Blackjack legend and card counting genius Ken Uston has the fourth largest win in history. Many consider him to be the king of blackjack strategy.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Uston and his team used their perfected mathematical strategy to constantly win big at the table. Unsurprisingly, Uston was banned from casinos around the world.

It is widely reported that Uston and his team won a cool $4.5m in their glory days. They are also widely considered to be the inspiration for the world famous MIT Blackjack Team.

3. Don Johnson – $15.1Million

Professional blackjack hustler Don Johnson made a reported $15.1m over a six-month period across 2010 and 2011. Johnson won $6m at Tropicana, $5m from Borgata and he hit Caesars for $4.1m.

Johnson was able to win his trio of huge amounts by having the Atlantic City casinos agree to his changes in the house rules. It was only Caesars that banned him afterwards.

Similar to Ken Ulston, Johnson is a legend in the world of blackjack and rightly so. His calculated mathematical strategy and playing style shot him to casino stardom.

Top Two Biggest Blackjack Wins

2. Kerry Packer – $40Million

Australian businessman and world-famous gambler Kerry Packer certainly felt the highs and lows of playing blackjack. However, the eye-watering sum he won in 1995 is what he is must renowned for amongst enthusiasts.

Packer walked away with $40m in less than an hour. In 1991, he accumulated winnings of around $7m from a stint of playing blackjack in London.

However, Packer is thought to have lost around $27m across a ten-day period. Casinos around the world often dreaded his presence as so much was at risk when he played.

1. MIT Blackjack Team – $50-100Million

The world famous MIT Blackjack Team are the undisputed legends of the casino banking game. Led by Bill Kaplan, they operated over a number of decades and won between $50-100m.

The 80 members were made up of MIT and Havard students. They would work in teams across the country to beat the casinos on a regular basis.

Kevin Spacey film 21 was inspired by the successes of the MIT Blackjack Team. Even to this day, novices can learn about all the skills and techniques they used during their glory days.

Ben Horlock

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