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Next James Bond Betting Odds: Damson Idris Emerges as Surprise New Favourite

Charlie Rhodes

No announcements have been made as to who the next 007 will be. However, insiders believe there is a new favourite, with our latest next James Bond betting odds putting Damson Idris in pole position.

Since Daniel Craig confirmed as far back as 2019 that the latest instalment in the James Bond series ‘No Time to Die’ would be his last, fans have speculated who his successor will be.

Very few details, if any, have been released as to what kind of Bond we can expect next. Will it be set in the modern day? Or perhaps a call back to the suave sophistication of the 1960s with a Sean Connery-esque period take?

Below instant casinos analyse all the latest developments in the world of 007, along with a look at the latest next James Bond betting odds to see who is being touted to play this most famous of roles.

Next James Bond Betting Odds

  • Damson Idris 10/3
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson 7/2
  • Rege-Jean Page 9/2
  • Paul Mescal 11/2
  • James Norton 6/1
  • Henry Cavill 13/2
  • Dev Patel 8/1
  • Paapa Easiedu 8/1
  • Sope Dirisu 9/1
  • Barry Keoghan 10/1
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir 10/1
  • Cillian Murphy 12/1
  • Idris Elba 14/1
  • Sam Claflin 14/1
  • Callum Turner 16/1
  • Tom Hardy 16/1
  • Jack Lowden 18/1
  • Leo Woodall 18/1
  • Richard Madden 18/1
  • Harris Dickinson 18/1
  • Aidan Turner 18/1
  • Jacob Elordi 20/1
  • Riz Ahmed 20/1
  • John David Washington 20/1
  • Robert Pattinson 20/1
  • Harry Styles 22/1
  • Lupita Nyongo 22/1
  • Lashana Lynch 22/1
  • Jodie Comer 22/1
  • Tom Hooper 25/1
  • Luke Evans 25/1
  • Dan Stevens 25/1
  • Tom Holland 25/1
  • Letitia Wright 28/1
  • Karen Gillian 28/1
  • Jamie Bell 33/1
  • Jamie Dornan 40/1
  • Tom Hiddleston 40/1
  • Ncuti Gatwa 50/1
  • Michael Fassbender 50/1
  • Kit Harington 50/1

Who Will Be Named the Next James Bond?

Actor/Actress Odds Implied Probability
Damson Idris 10/3 23.1%
Aaron Taylor-Johnson 7/2 22.2%
Rege-Jean Page 9/2 18.2%
Paul Mescal 11/2 15.4%
James Norton 6/1 14.3%
Henry Cavill 13/2 13.3%
Dev Patel 8/1 11.1%
Paapa Easiedu 8/1 11.1%
Sope Dirisu 9/1 10%
Barry Keoghan 10/1 9.1%
Kingsley Ben-Adir 10/1 9.1%
Cillian Murphy 12/1 7.7%
Idris Elba 14/1 6.7%
Sam Claflin 14/1 6.7%
Callum Turner 16/1 5.9%
Tom Hardy 16/1 5.9%
Jack Lowden 18/1 5.3%
Leo Woodall 18/1 5.3%
Richard Madden 18/1 5.3%
Harris Dickinson 18/1 5.3%
Aidan Turner 18/1 5.3%
Jacob Elordi 20/1 4.8%
Riz Ahmed 20/1 4.8%
John David Washington 20/1 4.8%
Robert Pattinson 20/1 4.8%
Harry Styles 22/1 4.3%
Lupita Nyongo 22/1 4.3%
Lashana Lynch 22/1 4.3%
Jodie Comer 22/1 4.3%
Tom Hooper 25/1 3.8%
Luke Evans 25/1 3.8%
Dan Stevens 25/1 3.8%
Tom Holland 25/1 3.8%
Letitia Wright 28/1 3.4%
Karen Gillian 28/1 3.4%
Jamie Bell 33/1 2.9%
Jamie Dornan 40/1 2.4%
Tom Hiddleston 40/1 2.4%
Ncuti Gatwa 50/1 2%
Michael Fassbender 50/1 2%
Kit Harington 50/1 2%

James Bond 26: Everything We Know So Far

As far as details for James Bond instalment number 26 go, there is very little to go off.

After Bond’s co-owner MGM was purchased by Amazon two years ago, producer Michael G Wilson confirmed there will indeed be a fresh take on the character at some point, but admitted the studio “hadn’t even begun” thinking about the reinvention.

Barbara Broccoli – one of the chief producers alongside Wilson – was asked about the profile of Bond himself.

“He can be of any colour, but he is male,” said Broccoli.

It is safe to say we can rule out the franchise being brought forward by a female lead, but we may perhaps see more diversity brought to the role according to Broccoli’s statement.

Chief casting director Debbie McWilliams also went on to effectively rule out a younger, more inexperienced take on Bond, saying: “We did look at a lot of younger actors.

“I just don’t think they had the gravitas, they didn’t have the experience, they didn’t have the mental capacity to take it on, because it’s not just the part they’re taking on, it’s a massive responsibility.”

There is also the question of who will be directing the next Bond film, which will of course have a bearing on who is cast in the lead role.

Oppenheimer director and Oscar favourite Christopher Nolan is perhaps every fan’s dream, and has consistently refused to rule out eventually taking the reins on a Bond film in the future.

Rumours of a 1960s period Bond directed by Nolan have sent die-hard fans into a state of hysteria, but they are little more than rumours according to the man himself.

Next James Bond Betting: Damson Idris Overtakes Long-Time Favourite Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Taking the precious little we know about the next James Bond film, it is safe to say the sweet spot appears to be a male lead in his late 20s to mid 30s.

The likes of Tom Hardy and Idris Elba, who have been favoured by bookmakers in recent years, are now reaching a point where they are too senior for the role.

This is reflected in the latest James Bond odds, with all but two of the top 10 favourites currently in their 30s.

Below we take a look at a handful of the frontrunners to see why they are being favoured, and if they would be suitable for the role.

Damson Idris

James Bond Betting Odds

“It’s an iconic character. I don’t know, do I look like I could play Bond? Maybe it could happen. Who knows?”

Those were the words of surprise new favourite Damson Idris from last year. The 32-year-old Peckham-born actor is best known for his role as the lead in FX’s critically acclaimed crime drama Snowfall.

Although he is yet to take up a role that shows his compatibility with Bond, Idris has quickly become one of the ‘A-listers to watch’ in Hollywood.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

James Bond Betting Odds

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has long been thought of as the natural successor to Daniel Craig.

Tall, dark and handsome, the 33-year-old has already starred in a handful of action-packed movies, the most notable being Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, as well as Kick-Ass and Nocturnal Animals, for which he received a Golden Globe award.

Until recently, he was the long-time James Bond betting odds favourite and is believed to have held meetings with producer Barbara Broccoli. He is yet to speak on the rumours, but some believe his silence adds further fuel to the speculation.

Rege-Jean Page

James Bond Betting Odds

Rege-Jean Page received wide-spread acclaim for his role in Netflix’s Bridgerton, and has since gone on to give fans a sneak-peek of his action film credentials in 2022’s The Gray Man.

Page carries himself with typically British charm in real-life, but when prompted has made sure to steer clear of adding any further speculation to links with the Bond franchise.

Paul Mescal

James Bond Betting Odds

The youngest of the top 10 frontrunners, Paul Mescal has quickly emerged as a favourite among bookmakers after a string of notable performances in recent years.

It’s safe to say 2023 was Mescal’s year after being nominated for an Academy Award and a BAFTA for his lead role in Aftersun, while his performance on the small screen in Normal People sparked his breakthrough.

Mescal is more closely associated with characters with more emotional depth than that of Bond, but he has been cast as the lead in Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated Gladiator sequel.

Maybe a sign of things to come in his action career.

Barry Keoghan

James Bond Betting Odds

Barry Keoghan doesn’t strike us as the kind of actor who producers would choose as the next Bond. However, given the sheer number of blockbuster roles he has taken up over the past few years, you simply can not rule him out.

Since gaining recognition in Hollywood for his role in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, he has been nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globes left, right and centre.

The Banshees of Inisherin, Saltburn and The Eternals to name a few on the big screen, while he has also sampled roles on the small screen in popular titles Masters of the Air and Top Boy.

He too will star alongside Paul Mescal in the upcoming Gladiator sequel, and his growing reputation for handling all kinds of roles could well see him thrown into the mix for bond.

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