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Amusnet Make History After Launching Revolutionary Type S Slot Cabinet Series

Louis Fargher

Amusnet have made a huge step in the gaming industry, after launching their new product ‘Type S Slot’ at ICE London 2024.

Amusnet reached a new high in the industry during February 2024, as the global gaming provider officially introduced a brand new product, as those at ICE London witnessed at the latest reveal.

ICE London is the leading gaming and gambling event, which was created to build a network for people, businesses and enthusiasts in either industry.

This year, Amusnet continued their mission on improving and evolving the market through specialized technology – in hopes of innovating as time goes on.

Their aim is to give a wider range of gaming entertainment for a broader group of people and cement their place as the best all-casinos solution provider.

‘We Master Gaming’ is the organization’s recently dubbed slogan, as they are not only ambitious in the gambling industry – but also huge in the gaming aspect.

It has become apparent that the business want to reach more people this year, switching their focus from iGaming to in person casinos and Amusnet’s head of Land-based Business Development, Borislav Marinov, confirmed this during his presser.

Marinov said: “Since Amusnet has established a reputation as one of the most prominent international iGaming providers, our strategic decision was to expand our portfolio and add products for the real casinos around the world.

What Is The New ‘Type S’ Slot Cabinet Series?

Many will be wondering how this new idea will work and what has gone into it to. Type S has been created by a multitude of experienced professionals who have been in the Land-based field for a long period of time.

A large amount of funding, software tweaking, construction, design and portfolio editing, over a two-year period has ended with a revolutionary addition to physical casinos.

It is a high-end slot cabinet series, which has been made to adhere to the required level for casinos across the world and is said to bring a superb gaming experience – due to a premium look, engaging players and state of the art technology.

Type S is Amusnet’s first attempt at a slot cabinet series, but the detail and research across the two years have squashed any concerns over this inexperience.

Not only does the new creation have impeccable software, Amusnet also confirmed that it will have the infamous game titles – including Cocktail Rush, Fruits & Gold, 20 Golden Coins and Aztec Forest.

Amusnet’s users have enjoyed the well-regarded bonus game ‘Jackpot Cards’ and the game with four levels will also be available on the new Type S slot cabinet series.

It will also have some other popular features, as Buy Bonus, Free Spins, Pick Me Bonus and Symbol Upgrade are just a few of the options on the new slot cabinet series.

Amusnet have several slots, items and gaming aspects, which will take some time to fully implement into the Land-based slot cabinets – eventually concluding into a unique style.

As of right now, Amusnet have a trio of cabinet variations available, Type S 50F, Type S 32, and Type S 27. Each of these branches of Type S have been managed, edited and perfected with the same care.

Amusnet will begin their takeover in the coming months, with the first targeted audiences being Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, and Serbia.

Western Europe, Latin America, and Asia will have to wait for Amusnet’s next step, as they plan to begin marketing in these areas later down the line.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher

Louis is a news and features writer, specializing in gambling and sports. Louis has contributed different forms of content for professional sports teams, whilst acquiring a degree in journalism in the UK and has years of writing experience within the gambling industry.