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Rory McIlroy U-Turn has all the signs he is preparing to join LIV, says former agent

Andy Newton

Speaking to InstantCasinos.com, Chandler said:

  • Rory McIlroy’s U-Turn stance shows he’s preparing to join LIV
  • Rory becoming the defender of the PGA was a terrible move
  • Childish PGA brainwashed everyone to hate LIV but it’s going nowhere and people are starting to see why
  • Rory’s Champions League idea is nothing new – Greg Norman came up with the same plan years ago
  • Donald Trump’s R&A Open snub is nothing but politics as Turnberry is Britain’s best links course
  • Tiger would be retired if he didn’t have to promote his new brand, it’s sad to see great limping on
  • Horse ownership will cost Koepka and G-Mac a fortune but they will get a big thrill

Rory’s becoming the defender of the PGA was a terrible move

It was terrible for him. He must have dreaded going into press conferences, to go through the diatribe he did. I firmly believe he was trying to do the right thing for the PGA Tour but why did he manage to put himself on the pedestal he did, and to allow that to happen?

I think he lost a few fans, people got a bit fed up of Rory saying this, that and the other in the end. It was all engineered by the PGA Tour, that Rory would stand up for them.

He definitely took his eye off the ball.

McIlroy’s U-turn is a sign he is preparing to join LIV

It looks a bit like that doesn’t it. I’m not speaking from any knowledge or heard anything, but if you were looking at it from the outside he has done such a turn that you would think he is paving the way for it not to be too bad for him if he signs with LIV.

PGA brainwashed everyone to hate LIV, it was childish and ridiculous

People have been brainwashed. Golf media for two years has hated LIV. Why? Because everyone has been told to hate LIV.

I’m very lucky to have the knowledge I’ve got from 40-odd years in golf, and having stepped out I can look at what’s going on and be able to say things, because it doesn’t matter any more.

The golf press has been absolutely indoctrinated by the PGA tour, and they’ve been told ‘if you do that with LIV you can’t do anything with us’. That’s ridiculous.

Some of the stuff that’s gone on has been ridiculous.  If a golf course holds a LIV event you can’t host on the PGA Tour – it’s a golf course for God’s sake. The golf course hasn’t done anything.

It has been ridiculously childish.

Rory’s Champions League idea is not new – Greg Norman came up with it in 1995

1995 Greg Norman had the idea. It’s bizarre that it was Greg, but that’s what his World Tour was all about. I think he was 65 and not 80 players, but it was exactly what they are talking about now, as if it is a new idea.

Greg was that person, and Arnold Palmer was in one of the final meetings and Arnold Palmer stood up and said ‘guys, this isn’t for us’. And they all walked.

It always was a decent concept. And when they had the World Golf Championship events, that was a similar idea, the problem was the WGC were really owned by the PGA Tour so you ended up having five events in America and one for the rest of the world, and the Americans didn’t go there.

R&A’s Open snub for Donald Trump’s Turnberry is political and snobbery – his golf projects are great

It was political and snobbery. It’s absolutely outrageous that the best links course in Britain doesn’t have The Open. It was always very good but he made it better. Basically what he’s done is move the course 100 yards nearer the sea.

You can only do what he has done if you have big enough thoughts and the money to do it, but he’s done an unbelievable job, it’s just a great golf course. As is Aberdeen, Trump, West Palm Beach. His golf products are very good.

It’s a stigma. There is a stigma associated with him and they’ve just gone ‘oh no we can’t be doing that’. If you wanted an unbelievable Championship that would be the place to have it. It’s better than a lot of the other Open courses.

He’s a great character, I like him enormously. He’s a very funny man – he doesn’t know he’s being funny, but he is. He’s been great for golf. His golf product is fantastic, and he cam play you know. He’s alright.

LIV is here to stay – golf has had to suffer to get to where it needs to get to

LIV is here to stay. I fortunately have met Yasir Al-Rumayyan, I’ve had the benefit of time with him, and it was very, very interesting. He told me about Newcastle before it all happened, they’ve got a lot of money and you can see what they are trying to do. Is it sport washing? It probably is, but it’s only what other countries do. Other countries do exactly the same.

Everybody talks about Saudi now, whether it be tennis, snooker. I see snooker is going there with a £2million prize money. I’m not sure they play for £2million that often. They are at least putting themselves out there and on the map. Some of the things they get wrong in Saudi will be put right because they’ve got all this international sport.

I came to South Africa during the apartheid years, I don’t think us coming to South Africa did anything but help the situation, rather than harm it.

For everybody to come round to getting things right, LIV had to go through the spell it has gone through, and now it is beginning to get there.

Golf has had to suffer to get to where it needs to get to. What we cannot underestimate is that massive change that has happened over the last two years, and that LIV have managed to survive that and have got a product that people are starting to understand.

People are understanding that the good players on LIV are still good players. DJ won in Vegas just like he won when he was on the PGA Tour, he didn’t look any different, he was focused and intense.

People need to realise that the PGA Tour and LIV are not the same thing, it’s not the same form of golf. It’s like a T20 cricket compared to a Test match.

I love cricket, and I have no qualms watching T20 and no qualms watching a Test match, but don’t expect them to be the same, because they’re not. It’s the same with golf, three rounds is different from four, so when they tee it up on day one they are going at it. They are not trying to just get into the tournament, to be patient, they get after it early.

Tiger is starting his brand ten years late – he should be retired now and it’s sad he can’t retire just to promote the line

Tiger should have started doing his own brand ten years ago, then he would have been big. Michael Jordan’s brand was developing as he was playing.

The problem is that if you’re a Nike athlete, Nike owns your brand. You are a Nike athlete and they dictate what you are doing. Jordan was so big he did that Air Jordan deal and got the royalties sorted. It’s just a ridiculous amount of money.

His TW logo never meant as much as it should have done, it was never as strong as it should have been, as strong as the Bear was or the Umbrella was.

If Tiger had started ten years before his brand would be much stronger, and it probably should have been with Nike. It’s suddenly odd that he’s now with Taylor-Made

I think he would have retired from playing without it, and that’s sad that he’s having to play.

It’s not great what happened when he walked off the other week, and I’m sure he was sick. But it just devalues some of the stuff he has done in his life. When you look at what he’s done, and when you compare the stats of what Tiger has done compared to everybody else, you forget how good he was. His stats are staggering.

Koepka and G-Mac will love the thrill of racehorse ownership but it’s too expensive for me

I don’t own anything now, you learn in the end they are too expensive. One horse costs £30,000 a year to train, plus you are buying it, which is maybe 30-50 grand. It’s a very expensive hobby, but it takes a while to find out. You get swept along with it all, you’ve had a winner and the trainer says he’s got another nice one, and it’s a case of ‘oh go on then’. You get carried away with it.

They’ve signed to all the millions with LIV so to have a horse isn’t as costly to them. It’s a good horse.

The thrill is so good, and they don’t get injured doing it.

Andy Newton

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