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AI Predicts Conor McGregor’s Next 10 Years As The Notorious Set To Box Jake Paul and KSI

Louis Fargher

Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler has been canceled, leaving the MMA superstar’s career in doubt – so we have asked AI to predict the next 10 years for ‘The Notorious.’

AI Predicts Next 10 Years For Conor McGregor

  • AI predicts McGregor to have three more fights in the UFC, against Chandler, Ian Garry and Nate Diaz.
  • After retiring from MMA, McGregor has two boxing matches against Jake Paul and KSI – according to the AI.
  • The Irishman then ends the 10-year spell by purchasing the UFC, appearing in the WWE and landing huge film roles.

UFC (2024-2026)

Michael Chandler Fight

The AI software has handed Conor McGregor three more fights in the UFC before leaving the company and sport in 2026.

To start, the Irishman is set to go head-to-head with Michael Chandler, in a bout that has been scheduled for multiple years.

The duos were coaches on the 2023 Ultimate Fighter, as the Notorious looked to return from his leg break against Dustin Poirier.

The fight that was scheduled for UFC 303 on June 30th has been canceled and according to the AI, McGregor will fight Chandler at UFC 306 on September 14th at the Sphere in Vegas.

After a feisty build up, the former ‘Champ Champ’ seals his return to the octagon with a third round knockout – stopping Chandler in dominant fashion.

Ian Garry Fight

Following a huge victory over Michael Chandler, McGregor returns to his lavish lifestyle to celebrate – but schedules a fight for August 2025.

According to the AI, his penultimate bout in the UFC will be an all-Irish encounter, as McGregor takes on rising star, Ian Garry, at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

Ian Garry has become a huge name in the UFC over recent years, boasting an unbeaten record of 14-0 in professional MMA (as of June 2024).

The young fighter has shown huge respect to McGregor during interviews and has admitted to staying up to watch his fights as a youngster.

However,the AI has predicted a huge knockout victory for McGregor  in August 2025 – ending Garry’s unbeaten record with a comfortable unanimous decision victory.

Nate Diaz Trilogy Fight

In fitting fashion, the AI software has ended Conor McGregor’s UFC career with a fight against his long-time rival, Nate Diaz.

On March 5th 2016, at UFC 196, Nate Diaz shocked the world by submitting Conor McGregor in round two via a rear naked choke – sparking one of the biggest rivalries in UFC history.

Just over a year later at UFC 202, McGregor would avenge his first defeat in the UFC with a majority decision victory over Diaz – scoring three knockdowns in the fight.

According to the AI, the duo will complete the trilogy in February 2026 at the T Mobile Arena – the same venue as their second bout.

The fight is said to be another ‘war’ with both fighters achieving knockdowns in the first round. However, the AI has picked Conor McGregor to bow out of the UFC with a split decision victory over Nate Diaz.

Conor McGregor Final MMA Record: 25-6-0

Conor McGregor Final UFC Record: 13-4-0

Boxing (2027-2028)

After a year away from fighting, the AI has predicted a brief run in boxing for Conor McGregor, who has dabbled in the sport previously.

Dabbled may be an understatement, as the Irish fighter took part in the second biggest PPV fight of all time against Floyd Mayweather.

This was McGregor’s professional boxing debut and he was stopped in the tenth round by Mayweather.

According to the AI, the MMA star will go head-to-head with Jake Paul in a boxing match on July 10th 2027.

Jake Paul has been on a huge rise in the world of boxing, after beginning his venture in 2018 – beating a host of ex-UFC fighters along the way.

The American internet star is set to fight Mike Tyson at the end of 2024 and the AI has placed him against Conor McGregor in 2027.

When looking into the result, The Notorious has been predicted to knock Jake Paul out in the fourth round and end the American’s boxing journey.

Following this win over Jake Paul, McGregor will be immersed into these prize fights and will take on British YouTube sensation, KSI.

The internet sensation has become one of the biggest names in the UK, accumulating over 40 million subscribers, forming the biggest internet group in the country with the ‘Sidemen’, releasing a number two album and also taking part in several boxing matches.

In October 2023, KSI took on Tommy Fury in his biggest boxing endeavor to date and lost via a controversial decision.

McGregor has been involved in several interactions with the YouTuber, filming a video together in 2016 and more recently, the Irishman took the mic after Anthony Joshua’s fight against Robert Helenius to say ‘KSI couldn’t box eggs in an egg boxing factory.’

The AI has predicted the bout to take place in November 2028 and claims the Irishman will knock KSI out in the second round.

Conor McGregor Final Boxing Record: 2-1

Buying the UFC (2029-2030)

McGregor has a reported net worth of $200 million (per CelebrityNetWorths) and has accumulated huge wealth since beginning his career.

The Irishman often posts to social media on his Lamborghini Yacht, wearing custom made suits and rocking valuable watches.

In 2021, McGregor sold his majority stake in Proper Twelve whisky for a reported $600m and has also formed Irish Forged stout.

Boasting key financial aspects like a savvy business mind, winning huge fight purses, signing massive sponsorship deals and entering Hollywood, may play a part in the AI’s prediction of buying the UFC.

Dana White has taken the company into a place that no one expected when he bought it for $2m in 2001 – alongside his business partner, Lorenzo Fertitta.

The UFC is now said to be worth around $12bn and according to the AI, McGregor will buy the company in March 2030.

WWE (2031)

Many have said that McGregor is a perfect fit for the WWE, having incredible skills on the microphone and having clear athletic talent – alongside a huge name in sport.

Previously, the Irish star has slated the company insulting the likes of John Cena at press conferences but the AI predicts a run in the company during 2031.

According to the software, McGregor will make his debut at Wrestlemania in 2031 and cost Seth Rollins the WWE Championship against Dominik Mysterio.

He will then go on a feud with Seth Rollins, beating the wrestling veteran in a last man standing match at Summerslam.

After beating the former champion, McGregor will then go into a rivalry with Dominik Mysterio and Logan Paul, ending in a triple threat match for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble.

The former UFC star will come just short of victory, being pinned by Logan Paul, who manages to get some revenge for his brother – who AI believes McGregor will beat in the boxing ring a few years prior.

Film Career (2032-2034)

To end the next decade of his life, McGregor will step into the world of acting once again and be involved in some huge films according to the AI.

In early 2024, he was involved in his first major film role, starring in Roadhouse alongside famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

The AI predicts that In 2032, McGregor will star in a film called ‘Rogue’s Redemption’ and will be working alongside Micahel B. Jordan and Chris Hemsworth.

In 2033, he will be in another huge role, acting as the main character for the first time in a film called ‘The Last Stand’ supported by Zendaya and Keanu Reeves.

Then finally, the charismatic star will land his biggest film to date, joining a crew with Tom Hardy, Scarlett Johansen and Dwayne Johnson in ‘Edge of Honor.’


Head of News at InstantCasinos, Lee Astley, commented on the next 10 years for Conor McGregor according to AI, saying:

“Looking into the next 10 years for Conor McGregor, according to AI, the stand out is seeing the Irishman fight three more times in the UFC and the chance to get the Nate Diaz trilogy will fill fight fans with excitement.

“On the other hand, many will not be too interested in seeing the Irishman fight Jake Paul and KSI, as he would clearly be the favorite and the AI’s predictions highlight this.

“Purchasing the UFC within the next 10 years would be a huge achievement, but seems the most unlikely outcome from these predictions.

“Jumping into the WWE for a year is something an enigma like McGregor would do, but should set him up nicely for these blockbuster films alongside huge names like Dwayne Johnson and Zendaya.”

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Louis Fargher

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